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Renters - Why do They What They Do?

Updated on July 11, 2012

Renters, most of us have either been one or had one - maybe both. Now, let me explain that I do understand the travails of being a renter in a home that is not yours and living on a budget - AKA no money! However, on the occasions I had difficulty paying my rent I called early - then I paid when I said I would.

First experience with renters as follows: The first weekend they moved in - we had already agreed to let them pay the deposit in two installments. (I recalled a situation where I was allowed to move in a three bedroom house for only $20.00 until I got paid - Yes, you read that right, TWENTY dollars - so I wanted to do a good deed).

My first clue that they were not quite as forthright as one might have expected came the first weekend they had moved in. (They had paid the first month's rent and half the security deposit). The husband called once, twice, three times, four times......................ten times complaining about something, example:" when was this place debugged?" My response, "one week before you moved in, howabout your items were in storage and the bugs came with your stuff."

At first we thought perhaps they couldn't come up with the rest of the security deposit. So, being the shy individual I am, we went over there and I asked if they were having difficulties coming up with the security deposit? Affirmative, so we agreed to let them pay a little each month until paid in full.

They paid on time at the beginning of each month. Then, one day...............

They were gone, outa there, six months on the lease, and trash brimming over, stole the microwave, traded out my dryer, left BIG HOLES in the wall, stole the shower curtain............... I was hot - cleaned up got a new renter in.

But, the story doesn't end there. We heard via the rumor mill that said first renter was still in the neighborhood. "You gotta be kidding me" was my first thought, "they're' not that stupid"

Oh, but was I wrong! The Dollar General is where I'm at one Sunday afternoon and who do I see around the corner talking on a cell phone? Yup, first renter above. Now, get this, SHE WANTS TO HUG ME............. I put my hand up and told her not to touch me.

Talk about stunned at someone's ignorance and stupidity - that was it.

What did I learn? I'll let you know next time!


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    • create a page profile image

      create a page 7 years ago from Maryland, USA

      Very interesting! I am anxious to read 'what did you learn'? I can hardly wait. Please let me know when you post that hub.


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      • Smireles profile image

        Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

        Interesting experience. People can be unbelieveable at times. Great hub.

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