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Reopening the Closed Chapter During the Pandemic Lockdown #2

Updated on July 11, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


(This is a continuation and concluding part of what happened to a young man who has sacrificed all for his family before the pandemic, when the lockdown was initiated there was none to help him despite asking for their help…)

How he is coping, knowing full well that assuming he is the one

He would not do like that, he will call them and transfer money into

Their accounts to manage with until the lockdown be over. Then he

Remembered what his friends were telling him when he was sending

Things to them that those people he is sending things to when

Trouble which they do not pray for, they would not remember him, and

Would tell him that he should be saving part of his money for the

Future, because as today is, tomorrow is not like that this is why

Herbalists consult their oracles daily. But he would not listen to

This voice of wisdom from his friends, as he turned them down

And said, they want to destroy his family, for him, his family members

Are loving and caring, we care for one another in our families he replied

Adding that, if their families are like that his own family is

Not like that, that they should not pollute his minds against his

Siblings and people. This has been long said before the pandemic

Thus, he barely has savings and all he has he was sending to

His family members even from his daily labor. Now when things

Turn around globally, that none cannot leave his or her abode, since

He has no savings before it was not long before he spent the little

On him and would soon finish the foods in his store. He ran to his

Friends for assistance, but they turned him down and ask him to


Consult his siblings because he has spent his last on them, they

Ought to come to his assistance now, they told him more so that they

Had secured employment with the government of the island whereas

“We” who you have come to we are also daily wages earners, who

Have nothing to fall back to when the money on them finishes, in short

They replied him with the words of the historic ten virgins story as shared

By Jesus in the bible that the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there

be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and

buy for yourselves. In this wise those he was being sent back to was

His people who he has been dying to satisfy which makes him had no

Savings. He left them disappointingly but reflectively and decides to place

Calls to those people, but they turned him down and would not think about

His plight at all, even when he asks for $1:00, they told him they are sorry

And cannot be of help to him. When he got home, and lied on his student mattress

Then he brought back his mind to the past, and discovers that those he has been

Dying to satisfy never considers him important in their time and schedules,

And said to himself, he has learnt his lessons in a hard way. When the lockdown

Be eased and he can go to work, he will equally face his life and would not disturb

Himself on anyone including his family members, for if his family members

Could do that to him, despite all he did, it is time he concentrates on his future and

Get himself established. He must start to save now, for this we have seen no one

Knows what would also happen tomorrow. It may be another terrible thing

That would demand for staying indoors again. He is glad that this happens now

For assuming he is sick, they may have not come to his aid too, such is life.

Note: Matthew 25 verse 9 quoted



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