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Replaced Crown

Updated on December 23, 2015
Crown of life
Crown of life

This is a special day dedicated for you my king

The Sun shines to glorify your holiness as the Angels sings

The world prepared a feast with songs of delight

On this day, people make peace and cease fights

Your humble servant writes a poem about truth

I pray my words would express my heart's joy bearing fruits

The day you were born was a miracle from heavens

The day you were born was a gift to mankind's existence

We celebrate Christmas because you were born

But I see some people celebrating this with scorn

Forgive me for being busy with life's meaningless desires and doom

I see you waiting for me to come back home

You wait for me to finish work so we can blow the candles on your cake

Waiting for me to sing happy birthday song on Christmas Day

Forgive me if I'm too busy buying presents for people I don't even know

While you're waiting for me to come back home

I forgot about your birthday wish my king

That you only want to be with me and sing

No feast needed, no extravagant preparation

All you wanted is my undivided attention

I'm not worthy my lord to offer anything on this day

But you make all things new and worthy so I come to you and pray

"Merry Christmas" as the world often greet and say

But I say "Thank you God for being born today!"

The day Father sent you to us to be born and live

He also knew you will die and suffer and that makes me cringe

Your love surpasses all understanding that my little mind won't be able to grasp

Being born to die so I can live is the greatest gift I could ever ask

Thank you for being born today my Lord!

I'll be here at home with my family writing poems of love, faith and accord

I promise I'll spend this day with you my king

Christmas is for you Jesus so let's be merry and sing!



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