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Reply to Rumi

Updated on March 27, 2010



There is half a full moon hanging out

The ocean is bringing back yesterday’s sand

Speak old mountain

Your beauty is not hidden

Even in the dawn

Love fades

   Only when we lack the courage

After the winds

Countless universes rising in the air

We breath their life

Without caring

   For their school of righteous indignation

Enter danger!

What tears?

Let your anger be with me

And leave my lover

   To return unscathed

Admit the many facets of love

Yes, you know how to reach each of them

In your strength

   You contain your vulnerability

Turn your back to me

I delight in your courage

And kiss you while your back is turned

Up til dawn?

How well you let my music play

    Look now while I find a tune

Dead music? Wild trick

Where are you while my head is turned

I catch your glance

What cleverness - no object to love?

   That would be one dead universe!

Should I reveal myself to you tonight

Tired from singing the dead songs

Face clouded and eyes weary from weeping

Would you know the cause?

   And turn away sick of my joyless existence?

To choose is to choose

To hold my pain outside myself

For me, you do not take it into yourself

But no, I will put on my strength, like a cloak

   And distance will have improved this closeness

When sadness is a disguise,

And tears a poor excuse for delight

You see through me ignoring the self pity

Your face smiles with mine

   As if there were only one, object of love

And it would be you again in a new guise

Imagine the pain when reality

Awakes you to remorse

The words would not flow so easily

   As at the well we both fell in

copywrite 03/25/2010  Adah Cain

 Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī   also known as Rumi, was a philosopher and mystic who wrote some of the most marvelous love poems you could ever hope for.  He lived 1207 to 1273, but his spirit lives on for many in his poems.  When reading his love poems especially you may find that, like me, you will feel like responding to his questioning mind.  His love was aimed at the earth and all her beauty with a naturalist's insight and he missed nothing of the world.  I like especially to look at old artwork while reading his words.


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  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 6 years ago

    Thanks Klara - That means alot to me

  • profile image

    klarawieck 6 years ago

    The Megapoet! ME LIKE IT! ;)

  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 6 years ago

    Teresa - thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked it. I will check out your poems.

  • eventsyoudesign profile image

    eventsyoudesign 6 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

    Love it. Love the ancient poets such as Rumi, Mirabai and Sappho. Great job. I will read more. Maybe you could check out some of my poems. Thanks for sharing. Teresa

  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 7 years ago

    Thanks, Docmo, I am always happy to know others appreciate these poets as much as I do.

  • Docmo profile image

    Mohan Kumar 7 years ago from UK

    This is an awesome , evocative, delightful tribute to Rumi. I love Khayyam and Rumi and it makes it all the more poignant to read your tribute. Beautifully done!

  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 7 years ago

    Hi Larry - thanks for the Rumi poem - like a Sufi story it just makes you think up other questions in response to the first question. also the "garbage piling" up reference is very in sync with what I've been thinking most about lately - stuff!

    Re-reading this now, I don't think I was clear enough about what I was doing in this poem - I was taking a few lines straight from a couple of Rumi's poems and then responding to them, in order to feel like I was having a conversation with him.

  • maven101 profile image

    maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

    mega...I just had to check out your poetry...And what first catches my eye..? This poem, beautifully writ in a prose style reminiscent of Walter Benton, my favorite poet...

    I don't recall the exact words from a poem by Rumi that I read years ago in college, but it was hilarious and went something like this: There is an old story about Noah's Ark and the garbage piling up...So Noah scratched a pig's back...the pig sneezed out a rat or two...the rats ate the garbage....then Noah scratched a lion who sneezed out cats which ate the rats...I was sneezed out by a lion and put into a bag where I was told to tear out the bag if I was a lion cub...I did, and today I live in the blue bag of the sky...

    His comedic prose was totally unexpected and would occur at the end of a serious treatise...

    Thank you for sharing this with us...Larry

  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 7 years ago

    Thank you Freya - you have a beautiful name!

  • Freya Cesare profile image

    Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

    That's so beautiful. I am Rumi's fan too, so I know how it feel being called by his works. I rate this up!

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York


  • Moulik Mistry profile image

    Moulik Mistry 7 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

    Wonderful, so wonderful - loved it very much...

  • profile image 7 years ago

    nice little hub here. 'thanks mega1 for an afternoon of poetry!

  • thevoice profile image

    thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

    amazing hub thanks