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Updated on May 30, 2016

The fact that he never had breast milk makes him unique, his Mum was diagnosed of anemia when he was seven months old inside her and the treatment according to Dr Albert would definitely affect him so to save him and to save Martha, C- section was eminent.

Martha continued receiving treatment while Nwamulunamma remained in the incubator. Although, I was selected to be his godfather from the very moment Martha knew that she was carrying a baby boy.

High chief Jonah- Nwalupue aku went to defend a course but never came back so i became the symbol of friendship and consolation to Martha because he made her believe that whenever he is sought but not found that the gentleman will be there.

In appreciation, i got Nwamulunamma a special attire before he was born but the circumstances surrounding his birth and his after birth condition left me scared. However, Martha and Nwamulunamma proved that there is power in prayer as they both stormed out from the hospital bouncing in the Lord.

One year it is today and for the very first time, Nwamulunamma wore the special attire i made for him and when he saw me, he posed for a quick shot. I read his mind because he is like a son to me and i knew immediately that he has this feeling... 'godfather, see my robe of many colors.'

My godson is representing.


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