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Updated on November 5, 2011

The ice closed in, the endless sting of cold
encased my being deep within its fold.
Too long has ebullition ceased to roil—
Within my heart, residuum of toil.

I am as blank as slate, as hard as truth,
I am so old yet still I am a youth.
Reminded daily by each bitter twinge,
Reminded nightly by each hopeless binge.

And there 'tis bold, seductive cellerette,
a bumper topped and frothy, cold and wet!
Apologies are few whilst I'm about,
yet deep within my soul I feel the knout.

But once seduced by negus or arrack—
But once I'm felled and flattened on my back—
I taste such colors, hues and tints so keen,
I feel I float above on palanquin.

The cachinnation of the night erupts.
The sordid breath of lust my heart corrupts.
A tuckered lady near is black and gold—
whatever can be sought, I want to hold.

At end, I hold a porringer of naught.
The dawn refulgent seems a twisted plot.
I lay me down and gently close my eyes—
soon slumber starts its work to cicatrize.


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    • Mr.Weevie profile image

      Stephen A. Williams 6 years ago from Gilbert, PA

      Actually, I think I don't any longer, own a dictionary, that is. I rely on for definitions, synonyms, antonyms and, of course, its wonderful thesaurus. I actually have a great freeware app that automatically looks up a highlighted word in which makes collecting new words that I find online even easier and more fun. I'm one of those people you see on the subway pouring over a book bristling with post-it notes, primarily noting wonderful new words with which I am unfamiliar. Whether it's found in Thackaray's Vanity Fair (who knew the difference between "calipash" and "calipee") all the way to finding delicious morsels such as "steatopygia" in a Reginald Hill mystery, I delight in learning and "owning" new words. I "own" them when I am able to use them in my writing (and sometimes in conversation, usually just for humorous effect, after all, who really talks that way?) So, my word collecting (and regurgitation) will continue despite the slings and arrows cast by the nescient masses (you might want to look that up).

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      So you own a dictionary.