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Resistance and Will

Updated on April 28, 2016

Resistance surfaces inside the person. It may initially sprout in either the intellect or the emotion. It may simultaneously grow in both. Whatever its initial appearance is, it will eventually affect the entire intellectual state. Whatever its primary occurrence is, it will ultimately influence the whole emotional state. Resistance will eventually, either enliven or deaden the body, the entire physical state.

The intellectual state, the emotional state, the physical state, these govern the will. The will that pursues, and surrenders. The will that works, and rests. The will that supports, and abandons. The will that follows, and resists. The will that triggers action. The will that urges nonaction. The action and nonaction, that are the by-product of the will. The will that is the output of the intellect, of the emotion, and of the body.

When resistance initially penetrates the intellectual state, the intellect affects the emotion. When resistance primarily pierces the emotional state, the emotion influences the intellect. When resistance concurrently perforates the intellectual state and the emotional state, the intellect and the emotion affect the body; resistance either fortifies or debilitates the physical state. The intellectual state, the emotional state, the physical state, these birth the will. The will, of action or nonaction, emerges. The action, or nonaction, of resistance transpires.

This is the formation of resistance that results in the emergence of the will. The emergence of the will that results in the transpiration of action and nonaction.

Resistance and Will

Ae Clane


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