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Rest In Peace, Mr. Jackson

Updated on November 17, 2009

Some don't understand at all
When greetings go out to you ...
Wishes of "Happy Birthday"
Surpass the "here-ness" of you.

And I don't have to touch you
But I feel you deep within
And I don't even "know" you
But a "friend within" ... you're him!

We've laughed, cried and loved with you
You've touched us all ... in a way ...
Deeply enriched our lives
Our hearts pour out THIS day!

We'll keep your spirit alive

We shall ... thru eternity
Spreading the message of love
Yes ... unconditionally.

We love you, Mr. Jackson - may you dance among the heavens and continue to inspire billions to love.


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    • depfife profile image

      depfife 6 years ago from Greenwood, DE

      Thank You RenaissanceMuse !! What a wonderful tribute to perhaps the greatest entertainer of our time.. or maybe even past time.. True, Michael Jackson was far different from the "norm", but how could he be "the norm"? His life was FAR different than yours or mine, from child birth to the end of his life.. He sang of love, and he lived a life of love!!! He was found innocent of so many charges against him, so how could ANYONE judge him on their own beliefs... or even.., how DARE they!!

      Rest in Pease and happiness Michael !! Your music continues to make this planet a better place to live!!