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Resurrection Hill and the Creatures of the Night (Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter Volume 3)

Updated on December 11, 2014

Chapter 1

Resurrection Hill

and the Creatures of the Night

(Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter Volume 3)

BY: Delmar Sabio

Copyright 2014

Chapter 1

My name is John Lonewolf and this is my tale of creatures of the night.

A long time ago in the year 1996 the night was young and the sky was black with shades of purple and gray.

The east winds howled with great terror. Tree's swayed from side to side while tree leaves danced around the land like children playing in the night.

The moon was full and could be seen high in the sky casting rays of blue light upon the land.

In the distance Bats where on a prowl just looking for a bite to eat. Off to the west the wolves howled with warning for tonight was a unholy night.

In the center of Resurrection Hill deep within the woods I owned an 18thcentury mansion named Lonewolf Manor. The mansion belonged to my family for many generations.

Not far from where I lived on Skull Hill Road a group of friends were driving a black Chevy Blazer. The young group of friends were drinking beer, laughing and having the time of their lives.

The black Chevy Blazer ripped around the corner of Skull Hill Road with great speed kicking dirt and stones and nearly ran me over with their Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Avoiding a collision with me the black Chevy SUV jerked and slid three feet off the road and the driver Alfonzo Pezzini quickly reacted and steered the SUV to the opposite lane of the road and then returned the black Chevy to the right side lane of the road.

Marie became startled and let Alfonzo know this by letting him know she was concerned and expressed her thoughts,

“Alfonzo you need to slowdown and drive more sensibly!” Marie said feeling worried they might get into an accident.

Alfonzo looked into his rear view mirror and cracked a smile just before he turned his head and looked at the Italian-American beauty with the dark brown hair and said,

“Don't worry babe, I'm just having fun with the SUV and the dude on the road is fine.”

Marie looked at her dark brown haired fiancée with brown eyes just before she looked in her passenger mirror and noticed me walking in the dust. Marie was checking to make sure I was alright. She would not be satisfied until she seen it with her own eyes.

Alfonzo just smiled and continued to drive down the road worry free. A few minuets latter their was another obstacle in the road it was a ghost, the ghost of the late Lola Santiago the woman I fell in love with a few years ago, but lost tragically. The ghost of Lola seemed to come from out of nowhere and the appearance scared the living daylights out of Alfonzo.

Alfonzo's noticed Lola right away and looked into into Lola's glowing yellow eyes. As Alfonzo looked into the eyes of the deceased. The spirit of Lola just kept on floating and entered deep into the woods and disappeared into the foggy wilderness.

In Alfonzo's state of fear he lost control over the black Chevy SUV and slid, tossing and turning onto its side and the SUV crashed into a tree.

Marie screamed in terror as her friends Dominic and Sylvia who were quiet and calm until this moment braced themselves for impact with the great oak tree.

I seen the whole incident from up the road and quickly I started to run into the direction of the injured men and women. I intended to offer my services even if they almost killed me driving like maniacs.

Dominic and Sylvia exited the SUV first and then Alfonzo and Marie slid out of the damaged Chevy.

Dominic looked over at his friend Alfonzo and said,

“Who taught you how to drive?, your a lunatic!”

It was more then obvious that Dominic was upset with Alfonzo.

Sylvia on the other hand she was in a state of panic,

“We almost died, oh my god... we could have been killed, I can't believe we're even alive!”

Dominic approached Sylvia and offered to give Sylvia a hug to sympathize with her and show his love for her, letting her know everything would be alright, but Sylvia pushed Dominic away in her rage and panic.

“Leave me be, Just leave me be, I am fine!”

Dominic took a step back and gave a confused look,

“Babe you are anything but fine!, you are traumatized!”

Dominic said to his girlfriend.

As Dominic and Sylvia argued I approached the party of four. I slid down a ditch an called out to the survivors of the wrecked Chevy Blazer,

“Hey, is everyone alright?”

Dominic and Sylvia looked at each other confused,

“Now who is he?”

Dominic said and his friend Alfonzo said,

“Its some dude I almost ran over about a mile back”

Dominic was really confused now,

“you almost ran him over and now he wants to help us?, does that make any sense at all!”

Alfonzo laughed and said,

“the world don't make sense, Dominic. The world don't make sense, but there are still some nice people in it.”

Dominic laughed and said,

“Don't you mean stupid people?”

Sylvia and Marie looked at Dominic and Sylvia said,

“Now that was not a nice thing to say.”

Alfonzo laughed and said,

“Now who ever said Dominic was a nice guy?, He is more like arrogant if you ask me!.”

Dominic just laughed it off and said,

“Ha,Ha... Shut up!”

Only moments later I caught up with them and that is when I noticed Marie and she looked a lot like Lola the late woman I love, maybe she is Lola's doppelganger. She looked so much like her it was unbelievable suddenly out of confusion I called out Lola's name. Even if I knew Lola was deceased and only lived in spirit,


I said and Marie and Sylvia said,

“who is Lola?”

The two young men Alfonzo and Dominic found it funny and they laughed and they laughed,

“Hay, man are you ok?”

Alfonzo said.

“Are you on some good drugs?”

Dominic said.

I was embarrassed and replied,

“Sorry Miss I mistook you for someone else.”

Marie looked at me and smiled as she said,

“its ok it could happen to anyone. Never mind the childish fools. I am sorry to say one of them is my Fiancé.

I raised my lips on the left side of my face creating half a smile and I said,

“which one is the lucky young man and Marie grabbed Alfonzo's hand and said,

“You may call him Alfonzo.”

Marie said with a smile and then the two love birds kissed as Alfonzo put his hand on Marie's right buttock. It wasn't long until Dominic interrupted and said,

“Ok, Ok, get a room you two!”

Sylvia smiled and said,


I really didn't know what to say. So I said,

“I live right over there about a mile if you want to stay the night and then call for help in the morning.”

Marie was not sure if she liked that Idea and Sylvia felt the same way. I was a stranger and none of them knew me, but they were stranded for the night and could use the help.

Alfonzo looked at me and was about except the invitation when Marie caught Alfonzo's attention by squeezing his hand hard. Alfonzo looked at me and said,

“Give us a moment we need to discuss this.”

I looked at Alfonzo and said,

“I understand, but there is no one else around here for a couple miles.”

Marie felt uneasy and Sylvia did not like it anymore then Marie did.

Alfonzo directed his attention to the lovely young ladies and said,

“look ladies we need shelter for the evening and we have an offer. I don't trust him anymore then you do, but shelter is shelter.

Dominic was in agreement surprisingly and said,

“Look girls its just for the evening and Alfonzo and I will protect you.”

Sylvia looked at Dominic and said,

“Are you cretin?”

The truth was Dominic was not sure it was a good idea, but he could not come up with a better plan at the moment,

“yes I am sure.”

Alfonzo looked at Dominic and Sylvia and said,

“Well then, Its settled we will take him up on his offer.”

Alfonzo and his friends approached me and Alfonzo said,

“We accept your offer and your kindness, we will spend the night in your home.”

I looked at them and said,

“My mansion is over there.”

The four young people looked at each other surprised and said,


Alfonzo and his friends where apparently in shock that I owned a mansion, I guess it was because I didn't dress like the rich. I dressed just like any other blue collar worker. I enjoyed the simple things in life and it shown with my style in Fashion I was wearing a black Henley shirt with black cargo pants. Nice and simple to the point.

As we continued on our way we noticed the black and red sky with shades of purple grew darker an darker as the east clouds formed in the sky and the almost full moon was now partially hidden.

In the distance wolves were howling with great terror and I knew what there howls implied. The wolves were warning us that there would be danger tonight.

The five of us continued on our way step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot. The young women became extremely worried as they noticed bats flying in circles over the trees and by the creepy howls the wolves made.

Marie had a question and she inquired,

“Are we almost there the wolves have me worried and scared, not to mention the bats!”

I did not want to alarm the youngsters but yeah she had every reason to be worried and scared. We were in much danger this evening. I tried to keep her calm with a lie. I looked at Marie and Alfonzo looked at Dominic and Sylvia and noticed they were engaged in their own conversation.

I simply said to Marie as I looked into her brown eyes filled with fear and I said,

“Everything is fine you have nothing to fear as long as your with me!”

Alfonzo didn't like my thoughts because those words were supposed to be his words. Suddenly Alfonzo found himself feeling jealous. Alfonzo took on the defensive roll and of course I understood. I had no intentions of steeling his girl even if she reminded me so much of Lola and after all Marie was half my age and their was no replacement for my one true love. Lola was one in a million and there was no substitute.

I could not accept another and I made that promise to myself a few years ago when I put Lola's body to rest, When I burned her body and bones and watched her turn to ashes.

Alfonzo looked at me with a grin as he said,

“Hey man I appreciate your help and all, but I will protect Marie from any danger, so keep your eyes off my girl and your heroic comments to yourself. Do you understand!”

I understood quite well, but found Alfonzo's outburst to be rude and uncalled for,

“Hey Al, you have nothing to fear I am not after your girl. My intentions are to help you and your friends. Nothing more, nothing less so back off before this gets ugly!!!”

Now of course if people could mind their own business this could have ended right then and there but no Dominic just had to throw in his two cents,

“Alfonzo lets take this guy down! What do you say? You don't need this drama!”

I shot Dominic a look and then I looked at Sylvia and Marie who were in surprise with the change of events,

“ Listen all of you, if you don't want my help then simply say so and you may go on your own and I will never bother you again!”

I said to Dominic and Alfonzo and then suddenly Dominic got aggressive and shoved Alfonzo out of the way and got in my face and gave me the evil eye and yelled at me,

“Do you wanna go some rounds old man!!!”

Now I became confused at what point did this become Dominic's fight and why was he so uptight?

“ what is your problem son! What has caused your outrage?”

I questioned and with a rapid fire of comments Dominic said,

“Your putting the moves on my friends girlfriend and I don't like that or your attitude!”

I gave Dominic the evil stare and said,

“you best back down if you know what's good for you. I don't want your friends girl, I am old enough to be her father!!!”

It was at that moment that Dominic shoved me and I shoved him and then he swung at me and I dogged his fist and threw a punch at him and then Alfonzo jumped in for the attack,

Marie quickly got involved and got in between us and screamed,

“Enough, this needs to stop! I appreciate the two of you looking out for me but John didn't do anything.”

The two men and I just looked at each other in rage and Marie continued,

“John just implied that we were not in danger in his presence!”

Alfonzo and Dominic put there hands down and I did the same. Marie looked at me and then she looked at Alfonzo and said,

“Alfonzo I am yours and you have nothing to worry about unless you change it. Now lets stop fighting and continue walking.”

Marie now looked at me and asked me a question,

“Are we almost at your home”

Now I stayed silent for moment because I had serious doubts if I wanted to continue to help these people they seemed to be ungrateful and it was obvious they did not trust me. I began to think it was just a bad situation and a bad idea. After a few seconds I said in a rough tone of voice,

“Yeah we are almost there!”

We continued to walk and I noticed above the tree the bats were in an unusual upset and one of them evil son of a bitches came flying our way. The evil son of a bitch flapped its wings and made a war cry that was this high pitch scream ,

((Eeek!, Eeek!))

I watched the bat from hell fly in our direction with great terror and I knew this was not good.

I heard the wings go ((flap, flap,flap)) in the wind and I also noticed its red eyes this was no ordinary bat fore it was a Vampire and I have fought there kind before. Suddenly I remembered Isabella and her clan.

“get down now!”

I yelled. The youngsters did not know just how much danger we were in and there was not much I could do. I did not have the right weapons with me to take on a vampire.

The evil Vampire bat with the red eyes flew in for the kill. I swatted at it trying to shew it off and it worked for a moment, but the evil son of a bitch came back for a second attack.

Marie and Sylvia screamed and rolled on the ground from side to side and Dominic was so brave he stood in a battle stance and prepared to hit the damned beast from hell with all his might. Alfonzo just froze I guess he went into a state of fear which lead to shock.

As Alfonzo stood there I seen the Vampire bat come in for the kill. The bat spread it ugly ass wings and soared in like a glider from the sky.

I seen the Vampire bat open its jaw wide open and go in for the kill.

I quickly took a step forward placing my right foot deeply into the earths soil as I leaped forward and attempted to be a hero so bravely as I approached Alfonzo and the ugly ass Vampire bat, but the evil bloodsucker was faster and swooped in and attacked Alfonzo before I could get in between Alfonzo and the bat.

I would have sacrificed my own life to save his I had nothing to live for on this planet and I wanted to join Lola in the after life in the worst possible way. To simply put it I had a death wish for the love of my life.

I didn't have a chance there was nothing I could do. The Vampire bat was faster and deadlier then I.

I lost my heroic moment with in seconds. when I reached Alfonzo in my moment of vengeance I grabbed the Vampire bat by its ugly ass wings and tossed it away from Alfonzo as fast as I could.

The Vampire bat managed to escape my grasp. Within seconds the evil son of a bitch came back for another attack and I prepared for the fight.

I positioned my hands in front of my chest as the Vampire bat from hell swooped in I grabbed It by the ears and tossed it aside. The Bat hit the dirt rolled over and took flight flapping its wings ((flap, flap, flap)) I stood up in another battle stance and once again it came in for the kill.

Sylvia and Dominic watched as I battled the evil predator and Marie screamed and cried as she ran over to Alfonzo's injured body.

The Vampire bat and I engaged in one last fight. The bat approached and I grabbed Its head once more but not by the ears by the sides of its hideous skull.

The Vampire bat opened its jaw and let out an evil scream ((eek!)) and I placed my hands on the inside of its jaw and yanked and yanked until the jaw ripped in two like a wishbone.

I let go of the bat and the Vampire bat fell to the ground. I was sure it was not dead for the Vampires have incredible healing power, but I would have enough time to get us all to safety, but I was afraid that I was going to lose Alfonzo the same way I lost Lola a few years back, I was afraid there was nothing I could do for Alfonzo now. If only there was a way I could keep his soul in tacked then he could be spared.


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