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Resurrection Sunday Poem

Updated on April 10, 2015

Life Death Resurrection

Life Death and Resurrection

Born the King of the Jews a price was put upon his head

Escaping into Egypt, they took him from His bed

From Egypt to the town of Nazareth, He was brought to Galilee

And while John the Baptist prepared the way, this is where He’d be

While John baptized with water, Jesus would with fire

For the Holy Spirit was of the Lord and was worth much higher

When John baptized Jesus, the Heavens opened, descending like a dove

The Spirit of God said, “This is my son, with whom I’m pleased and love.”

Jesus was in the wilderness and tempted by the evil one,

But all His trust was with the Lord. This battle He too won

Jesus begins to preach and to disciples He would call

He made them fishers of men to cast a net to all

Jesus healed the sick and many followed behind

For they knew He was a great one and formed a long line

He gave His Sermon on the Mount and great knowledge so profound

Perhaps many were in awe and stood there in astound

There is a cost to follow Jesus but the reward is so great

He came for not the righteous but sinners to change their fate

Jesus predicted three times His death, and His disciples did fear

But He knows that though death comes life to those who can hear

He was betrayed by Judas for thirty pieces of silver

Denied by Peter three times

They ate the bread of his body and the blood which was the wine

They spit in His face and tore His clothes

But it all had to happen for the death to unfold

Pilate washed his hands and gave Jesus to be crucified

But the Son of God cannot be denied

They gave Jesus a scarlet robe and a crown of thorns for his head

Put a staff in his right hand. “Hail King of Jews,” they said.

Darkness came and the earth shook

One cry from Jesus was all that it took

After His death He was wrapped in clean linen and put in a grave

They rolled a stone in front of it and went away

On the third day, He rose and went to Galilee

Those who saw Him were filled with joy and glee

It is here that we see all that the Lord can do,

For surely if He did this, what more He will do for you


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