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Updated on October 28, 2014


Dusts flew away as the deserted path was revisited

Crackling leaves got a breather as fresh ones spirited

Grazing into aridness was a new sight to behold

What once seemed rotten mud sparkled like gold

The paths were reborn for destinations yet unknown

The scorching air gave way to nourishment long gone

As the beats kept pumping for disruptive symphony

A subtle breeze of hopeless hope kept company

Alas, it was unknown, the undetermined long yard

Thence broke into fire returning the green as barred

Why the pulse had rang and the beats kept beating

Was beyond comprehension, and far from admitting

The truth that was still transparent yet sans grasp

And though it was apparent, the heart couldn’t clasp

The unspoken epiphany was thus a poisoning spirit

A ghost in the bright, a rambunctious smoke well alit

This can’t be the outcome, or any probable apparition

Was it the strong light after darkness or His Retribution?


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