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Retro Reading: Jaws- The Revenge by Hank Searls (based on the screenplay by Michael de Guzman)

Updated on November 6, 2014
The final Jaws chapter
The final Jaws chapter

Shark Continues to Terrorize The Brody's in Paradise

The Jaws saga is finally completed in Jaws-The Revenge when Bruce's now grown offspring begins to terrorize the Brody family once more.

It's Christmas in Amity and with a few days before the holiday, Sean Brody, now a police officer, receives a call to move a log from the water. Terrified of water like his late father, Sean goes to remove it and becomes the next shark attack victim.

His older brother Mike, now a marine biologist, wife Carla and daughter Thea come to Amity for the funeral and urge Ellen to come to the Bahamas so that she can get some rest. At first she doesn't want to leave, but then decides to go.

Once in the Bahamas, she does start to relax, but everything evil is not necessarily underwater. The Brody's must contend with a voodoo curse placed on the young Thea.

While its been almost a year since Martin's death, Ellen finds herself falling in love with pilot Hoagie Carmichael. Hoagie is hiding a secret which he hopes is not revealed. One thing Ellen does hope for is Mike quitting his job. She's not too thrilled with him diving daily for work.

There really isn't anything spectacular about this novel. Nothing is mentioned about part 3 (but then again no one wants to admit it) so I felt this was more Brody's in paradise with some voodoo mixed in and a let's throw in Bruce's vengeful offspring to finally kill the Brody's.

If you're a true fan of the Jaws series then you'll probably enjoy this tie-in. While its been some time since I've seen the movie, I think this must be the only novel which is truly based on the screenplay. Although there are word for word flashbacks to Jaws 2 (the book that is).

Whether or not you're a fan, I bet you still think twice before going into the water. And of course for good reason!


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