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Return to Transference

Updated on May 26, 2015

Return to Transference

Where have we been?
How far we've come?
All matters of context
All elements of perceptions
Rainbow in some eyes,
Blinding blaze in others'
While just haze in some
Or blank darkness for the rest
Nonetheless its inconceivable
Not even so much of a journey
Not even a constant road
Not a sky to fly toward
Nor an earth to dive into
Milestones dusted in time
Directions lost or compromised
Not even a faint trail left
Its all fallen leaves scattered
Ashes overwhelming sands
Splattered hopes of existence
No legacy left for the past
No vision to look forward to
Every little thing once again,
Returned to its Transference.
That's where we had been.
And that's how far we came.


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    • arijitm2000 profile image

      arijitm2000 2 years ago from Mid-west, Texas, Jersey, Florida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, & Pune

      Thanks Zeenat Rasool, much appreciate your appreciation :)

    • zeenat rasool profile image

      zeenat 2 years ago from Bangalore, India

      very nice and intresting poem. Thanx for sharing.