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Revenge The Creation Of A Monster

Updated on March 3, 2010

What Comes Around Goes Around

It was at the bar the night before that the guy had humiliated Jay. The whole bar laughed at him until he got up and left. As he sat in his car going over what just happened Jay's anger rose to the point of complete rage. His whole life people had belittled and ridiculed him and Jay had enough. He was not going to take shit from creeps like this anymore. He waited in his car until the the guy came out.

The hours passed by slowly yet the excitement increased. Jay followed the guy home and was waiting on a stoop across the street from the guys house. After watching the guy enter the building he drove about ten blocks away parked the car and walked back to the building.

Who the hell did he think he was, sure he was a big guy but he wasn't indestructible. It was about an hour after dawn that the guy emerged from the house. Jay slowly crossed the street pulling his hoodie down over his face.

When he got within a few feet of the guy he stopped and said "Hey buddy you got the time?" The guy turned around glancing at his wrist at the same time that Jay pulled back the arm holding the pipe and smacked the guy across his face. He looked down to see the blood oozing from the wound on the guy's cheek. "Your not so tough now are you" is what Jay said as he continued down the street and climbed on the first bus he saw.


Not So Tough Now Are You

"Why don't you ask Jay over there if he isn't a dirtbag then no one is" That is what the guy had said to Jay at the bar and everyone laughed.

Jay had been through this so many times and he was sick of it. When he was in high school there was a bully who always picked on Jay. One night at a party on the beach Jay had brought a girl out for their second date. The guy was all over Jay's date as soon as they got to the party. In less then an half an hour Jay was bringing the girl home.

He did not go home himself but went back to the beach. He had learned if you stay outside the light from the fire then no one could see you. He waited for hours and eventually the bully went to his car. Jay crept closer and watched as the bully finished a cigarette and leaned back in the seat. Jay had brought some vodka to the party and still had the pint in his pocket. A few hours went by before Jay walked up to the car. The bully was sleeping. Jay opened the vodka and poured it over the bully while he slept. He picked up the cigarette butt long since extinguished and threw it along with the empty bottle on to the bully's lap. He then produced a book of matches struck one and threw it into the car. Immediately the flames rose as Jay walked nonchalantly back to his car that he had parked in a grocery store parking lot down the road. Once in the car Jay started the drive home giggling to himself.

Do Unto Others What Has Been Done To You

He was ten when his father beat a man in front of him. His mom was working and his dad was watching him. They were going home after dropping mom off at work. A pickup truck had pulled out of a parking lot in front of his dad. His father beeped the horn followed by the guy in the pickup truck flipping the finger to his dad. His dad exploded in anger which scared Jay. When dad was angry Jay was terrified of him.

His dad followed the truck to a convenience store and parked the car. It was getting late and the parking lot was pretty dark. His dad got out of the car and walked to the corner of the store. Jay could not see his dad in the shadows. A few minutes went by and Jay heard a bell ring. it was the door to the store, a man came out reaching into his pocket for his keys. Without notice his dad jumped out of the shadows and began pummeling the guy. The last thing Jay saw before burying his face in his hands was the bag of groceries dropped on the ground the contents rolling across the parking lot. His dad got back in the car and drove a ways down the road before turning the headlights on.

No Daddy Please No!

Jay's father was in and out of prison for as long as Jay had memories of him. Unfortunately Jay was happier when it was just him and his mom. His dad liked to drink and most times when his dad came home drunk him and his mom usually received a few smacks before his father passed out. The last time he saw his father was when his mom bailed him out of jail. The police had video of his father beating up a man outside of a gas station. He remembered his dad crying and telling his mom that he would never go back to jail again. His mom pulled up to a red light when his dad jumped out of the car and leaned into the window.

He said "I will see you later I have some things to do. See ya later kiddo." glancing in the backseat at Jay.

Jay did not see him later in fact he never saw him again. When he woke up in the morning he saw his mom crying at the dinner table. "What's wrong Ma" Jay said.

"Sit down hun." His mother said gesturing to the seat beside her. "Your dad had an accident last night." She said covering her mouth with a handkerchief. "His gun went off accidentally Jay. Daddy is gone hun. He is dead."

Jay looked at his mom and quietly said. "Can I go out and play Mom."

The Cycle Begins

Two months after his dad's funeral Jay was in the school cafeteria looking for a place to sit down to eat his lunch. Tony, the school bully walked by Jay going the other way and with the slightest move he put his hand under Jay's tray and flipped it out of his hands. Everyone in the cafeteria was laughing when Jay ran to the bathroom.

Later in the day Jay walked over to Tony,s yard and crept around back. He did not see anyone in the house as he peered through a window. He slowly took out a book of matches and lit the trash on fire. Glancing back as he left the yard through the bushes he could see the flames climbing up the walls of the house.

A few days later Jay's mom had taken some of his clothes to school for Tony's family. The firefighters could not put out the fire in time to save the house. The neighborhood had gotten together to gather donations for the family.

His mom had said to him as they were leaving the school. "That's so sad Jay isn't it that family just lost everything they owned."

"Yeah too bad huh." was all that Jay said in response.

It's A Monster

Jay never let anyone get over on him. He never forget someone who had slighted him. His responses varied from sliced tires to baseball bats to the head. They all paid, he never came at anyone head on but always lurked in the shadows waiting, something his father had taught him. It was funny how in adulthood Jay had come to idolize his father. He remembered almost every word his father had ever told him. He even pulled a burglary now and then like his dad. He worked at a video store but sometimes when he needed extra cash he would break into a home and empty it of its contents.

He looked like a meek boy which is probably why he was picked out of any group for ridicule. He spoke rarely and did not like to make eye contact. There was a girl that he worked with that he really liked but never had the guts to ask her out. He never knew that she felt the same so they worked together for years without ever declaring admiration for each other.

Jay liked to drink and it was after he had a few that he become more animated. He was not allowed in more then half the bars in town. Even though it could never be proven everyone knew that people who crossed Jay had bad things happen to them. One guy who had punched Jay found his dog hanging from a tree when he came home. Even though Jay never was seen beating anyone up most people were scared of him. He had a lost look in his eyes when he stared like he was looking at something that no one else could see.

The police suspected him of several crimes but could never get enough evidence to convict him. One officer even had his wife hospitalized in a random act of violence a few days after he questioned Jay concerning a fire. She was leaving work when someone came out of a doorway and beat her violently. She spent eight days in a hospital and needed three surgeries before it was over. The officer was suspended when he said he was going to get Jay one way or another. His superiors thought it was better to keep him off the streets  in case he took the law into his own hands.


The Cycle Continues

When he was twenty three Jay moved into a girls house with her. He needed a place to stay and she was afraid to say no. She had a four year old boy and a two year old girl and was afraid that Jay might hurt them if she did not allow him to stay with her. Jay had taken a liking to the boy and often took the boy out with him. They would go to the park and Jay would let the boy play in the playground while he made moves on the moms.

One afternoon while driving home a car full of kids pulled out of a parking lot in front of Jay. He hammered on his horn and was horrified when the driver leaned out the window and threw him the finger. He looked at the boy and said. "That sucker is going to get what's coming to him." and he proceeded to follow the car.


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    • profile image

      Website Examiner 

      8 years ago

      You surely have a vivid imagination. I enjoyed this story, including your straight narrative. Only admissible in half the bars..., really liked that one. Good story through and through.

    • Arthur Fontes profile imageAUTHOR

      Arthur Fontes 

      8 years ago from Fall River,MA

      sophs I am glad you enjoyed the story. I find it also sad that it is always the smallest and meekest that the aggressive pick on. The one who seems least likely to strike back is the first one the bullies go after. The cycle perpetuates itself in many ways.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Ohhh this made me so sad, even though Jay is not a very nice person I feel so sorry for him, he doesn't know any better and like Mikel says he must be really lonely :( he's a lost soul. Great piece Arthur, thanks for sharing :)

    • Arthur Fontes profile imageAUTHOR

      Arthur Fontes 

      8 years ago from Fall River,MA

      Mikel Thanks for taking the time to read my hub and commenting on it. It is very common for a child to mimic what their parents do unfortunately not every parent provides a good role model.

    • Mikel G Roberts profile image

      Mikel G Roberts 

      8 years ago from The Heartland

      A sad, but not uncommon way of life. People like 'Jay' must be very lonely, at least I would think, but maybe for them it is a way of life that makes them happy and proud of themselves...



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