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Review: Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin

Updated on September 8, 2015

Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin: Books for Early & Beginner Readers Kindle Edition
Children Ages 3-8
by Tali Carmi

“Terry Treetop saves the Dolphin” is a children’s story book that uses educational methods that can help any child to easily understand morals. The vivid colors and details use in the creation of the illustration of the book will keep any child and adult mesmerize. The story both motivates and inspires any children to follow their desires to help all living being.

In the story, Terry loved climbing trees while looking all his surroundings and at far away distance. Terry had realize, a group of family dolphins along with a baby dolphin which Terry called him Dido. Terry wanted to play with Dido and was not afraid of him. However, suddenly Dido encounter a problem in the water after getting to close. Dido got caught in a net left by a fishermen and is unable to escape.

During this part of the story it teaches children to clearly understand that it is our duty to care for the natural marine reserve, the importance of caring for the environment and how to help those in need. It also points out that by throwing any kind of trash into the ocean can adversely affect the lives of those living in them. I liked how Terry at such a young age goes above and beyond his ability to ensure Dido’s safety, by demonstrating his courage and responsibility to save him.

“Terry Treetop saves the Dolphin” made my two boys so interested in the story, that they couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. We loved how it just shows how Terry becomes a hero and ends up having so much fun at the end. The book was written very well in simple language and was a quick and fun read. I honesty recommend this book to any parent or teacher.

If you have read this book or purchased it let me know and tell me what you think by leaving your comment below.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Happy Reading!


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