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Fatal Flip, an Interior Design Murder Mystery, by Peg Marberg

Updated on September 16, 2015
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Fatal Flip, by Peg Marberg

Fatal Flip, an Interior Design Murder Mystery
Fatal Flip, an Interior Design Murder Mystery

An Interior Design Mystery - Not Quite Cozy, But Still Good

The amateur sleuth in this series is the co-owner --- along with her daughter --- of an interior design firm. The mom's name is Jean, and the daughter is also Jean ("J.R.").

So, the name of the firm is " Designer Jeans." I like that, and it made me want to read the book even more. I'd already liked the blurb on the cover. That's why I checked this out of the library.

Jean --- the mom --- is about my age. (Sixty-two.) I like that, as well, and it makes for a lot of great references that I can relate to --- references about things that happened when Jean and I were growing up.

Jean is married to Charlie. Charlie has a twin sister, Mary, who is also Jean's best friend. Mary is married to Denny England, who owns England's Fine Furniture.

The clues that broke the case came from some of Jean's favorite shows: Jeopardy and Antiques Roadshow.

Jean's son-in-law (JR's hubby) is a cop, and of course there are all the usual admonitions to leave it to the police. Stop investigating on your own.

JR, Jean and Mary do not heed those admonitions. So, they have to work undercover --- and keep their investigation a secret. A few close calls on that score, especially when JR has to feed the baby in the high chair and share pertinent clues with her mom on the phone while police hubby is getting dressed and eating breakfast.

When the killer finally catches up with Jean, a rifle-toting, octogenarian, scooter-riding neighbor lady saves her life. Tee, hee, I love that! This book has a lot of the elements of a cozy mystery, but it doesn't qualify as completely cozy, due to the aforementioned rifle toted by the aforementioned octogenarian neighbor lady.

Only Three in This Series

Peg's other two murder mystery design books were Decorated to Death and Faux Finished . Each book has decorating tips in a short chapter or chapters at the end. This one has "Decorating Tips that Sell" at the end. But, there's also a chapter on living in and with an old Victorian mansion ("manse"), where Peg tells us a little about her own childhood experiences.

I wish there were more than just three books in this series. Maybe she'll write some in the future. I haven't read the other two yet.

I appreciate that Peg includes a preface listing all the characters. Two lists, actually --- one for the town regulars, and another for visiting characters.

Fortunately, the bad guys are all visitors.

I Liked This Book

Some folks might not like the fact that Peg smokes. I used to smoke, and I grew up in a house full of smokers, and I have rather fond ---- and, yes, politically incorrect ---- memories of when smoking was relaxing and friendly.

But, if a fictional character's smoking habit drives you away, then, perhaps you will not like this book.

Peg's writing seems a little rough in a few spots. There are some long, awkward descriptions of characters we already know. She could have just used their names.

A lot to love, at least for me. I have no trouble overlooking the above difficulties because of all the other cool, fun stuff in this book. I hope to read the other two books in this series.

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