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Book Review: 'Government Zero' by Michael Savage

Updated on January 25, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


Michael Savage has used the catchphrase “borders, language, culture” to define how a nation is defined. Savage says that borders, language and culture are what must be protected for a nation to survive. Michael Savage’s book title “Government Zero” refers to the government that has given up its most basic obligation to protect the borders, language and culture of the people. His premise is that it has in fact betrayed that obligation.

Cover of "Government Zero" by Michael Savage
Cover of "Government Zero" by Michael Savage | Source

Summary of the Book Government Zero

Under the Obama administration or Government Zero, and and policies that would continue under subsequent Democratic regimes, the state is deliberately undermining the culture of the nation by allowing millions of illegal immigrants to come and stay while importing hundreds of thousands of refugees that are as foreign as possible, such as bringing in 300,000 Muslim refugees but no Middle Eastern Christians. It won’t require English skills of immigrants and mandates ever more translation services. It mandates multi-culturalism in K-12 curriculum per Common Core and colleges as a requirement of federal funding. Thus you get school lessons K-16 teaching that every culture is better than the Judeo-Christian American one.

Michael Savage is not unique in this belief; it is also a premise of Dennis Prager’s “Still the Best Hope” book published in 2012. However, “Government Zero” was published in the fall of 2015.

Points in Favor of the Book

Michael Savage’s 2015 book contains amazing historical notes like the fact that Aristotle and Cicero opposed income redistribution 2,000 years ago because the idea of equalizing property was around then, too. So redistribution of wealth isn’t a new idea, nor is the realization that taking from those who work the hardest will end their hard work and make everyone poorer.

“Government Zero” links low international test results and the poor employability of graduates to a K-16 curriculum that focuses on narratives that whites, capitalism, America and business are all bad while the government is all good and the source of good. Deliberately teaching kids propaganda without teaching critical thinking, going so far as teaching overly abstract math to young children such that they don’t know how to multiple two digit numbers very fast without a calculator, isn’t seen as bad. If they graduate dumbed down and unemployable, then you have more people on welfare who vote Democrat forever.

Multiculturalism means all cultures are supposedly equal, but criticizing Islam is unacceptable while mocking Christianity is absolutely kosher to liberals. Multiculturalism means all cultures are equal, but children are taught that all cultures are better than the American one. Multiculturalism means every ethnic group can have pride except Caucasians, but for them, pride is deemed racist.

He points out how the desire to fundamentally transform America is tyrannical – that the nation will change whether the population wants to or not, and will be forced to do so, because the government and cultural elites hate everything the nation is.

Michael Savage’s book brings up the outbreaks of tuberculosis, Chaga’s disease, EV-68 and other diseases since 2014 due to Obama’s “DREAM Act”. A law proposed to say if your parents brought you here as a toddler we’ll consider letting you stay led to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant teenagers coming in without disease screening. The end result was a spike in TB, measles and other diseases across the nation because there wasn’t even basic screening for health conditions. Why open the borders without taking basic steps to prevent a pandemic, like Ellis Island’s health screenings? Because the importation of hundreds of thousands more people who are overwhelmingly from socialist nations and eager for big government was more important than the health and safety of the native population. These stories are barely covered except for the tragedies of a young child, a triplet, died of EV-68 brought in by illegal immigrants.

Points Against Government Zero

If you listen to Michael Savage’s radio show, you’re familiar with all of the points in this book. At that point, it is merely a reference book.

Pope Pius XII is certainly left-wing politically, in part due to his Jesuit training and in part due to his upbringing in a socialist South American nation. Is he actively seeking to destroy traditional Western values, or is he seeking to help the poor without realizing how capitalism has raised up billions from the deepest poverty and how climate change activism would hurt these same people? Savage takes the stand that the Pope is actively undermining civilization, while ignoring the possibility that those who write his speeches advocating environmentalist values are not telling him what he is saying or the truth of what happens if the liberal vision comes to pass.

Observations About Government Zero

Michael Savage’s book “Trickle Down Tyranny” was a battle cry not to re-elect President Obama. “Stop the Coming Civil War” was in part an effort to get more Republicans in office in November, 2014. “Government Zero” was written in part to influence the 2016 Presidential primaries and elections.

The book details how the nation has gone downhill in everything from workforce participation rates to economic freedom to the dwindling number not on some form of government assistance.

Best Quotes from the Book Government Zero

“Government Zero is absolutely unchecked government power and zero representation of the people.”

“Most governments throughout history have exploited those they ruled for the benefit of those who controlled them. The American republic was an exception … and it is sliding back to the historical norm.”

“Every Islamic nation has a socialist economy. That’s because socialism and autocracy are the same.”

“Is this why everyone is detoxing, because their souls are polluted?”

“They’ve destroyed all semblance of religion and morality. They’ve destroyed the American principles of private property, free enterprise, self reliance and personal responsibility … and replaced it with atheism, hedonism, dependency and political correctness.”

“Those who sneak in illegally have already demonstrated a lack of respect for the law. We shouldn’t be surprised when they break other laws once here.”

“The immigration system is supposed to discriminate between types of immigrants … it discriminates based on each individual’s risk for American taxpayers versus his or her potential value to American society. … None of this happens when people immigrate illegally.”

"It's not the people who want the government to leave you alone that are the problem. It's the ones who want it to help you that you should be afraid of."

"Mean surface temperature during the Cretaceous Period was 18°C, 4°C higher than now. Carbon dioxide was 1700 ppm, six times before the industrial revolution. ... Contrary to what fake scientists tell you, higher CO2 levels are good for plants and warmer temperatures are good for life in general."

"I'm not a fan of George W. Bush but fair is fair. If we're going to be constantly reminded Obama inherited a recession, we should also acknowledge Bush inherited one as well. That one didn't take seven years to end, either."


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