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Review of "The Book of Awesome" by Neil Pasricha

Updated on March 7, 2011

The Best Book You Will Ever Read!

So I was at work one day. And a coworker had come up to me asking if I had heard of "The Book of Awesome". I replied with the response that I found out to be the response of everyone I would ask when I got the book. "No, I haven't, but it sounds awesome". And that statement could not be any truer. She said it was a book by a guy who wrote about simple awesome things. Sounds simple? Well it is. It's brilliant! I thought it was a cool idea, but it didn't strike me enough to go out and buy it.

Fast forward a couple months later, I'm in a bookstore. I was looking for some history books when I came across the "The Book of Awesome". Of course, being on the bestsellers table helped me find it. But I saw it and opened it up. The first page I opened up was so insanely accurate I had to buy it. Even if it was 30 bucks (Thanks Canada). But anyways, it was cold and snowy that day (Thanks Canada again) and the page I had opened to mentioned probably one of the best things for outdoor walkers. "When you're walking in steep snow and the person before has already made the footprints for you to walk in". Ah! Yes! I agree! In fact, I just did that!

And the book is filled with hundreds more. And even more on his blog. Each one is on a separate page so it's easy to just flip through all the awesome things in life. There is no order the way these awesome things are organized because there is no way to organize life that way. It's all the same feeling of happiness that each moment can give you and I was able to relate to almost every single life moment mentioned. I'm sure a lot more people can as well because it is so relate-able. The author is also very funny is the way he demonstrates life's greatest moments. Many moments are simple changes of thoughts during times you wouldn't usually try to be happy. Or even moments to feel better about an awkward situation. Or little guides on how to get the best out of life's little moments. To sum it all up, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I also feel this book can target towards certain generations. There is a broad range of nostalgic references I know a lot of different people of different ages can find very humorous. From old video games to The Price is Right, they are usually in bold. It's fun to read something and totally understand what the author was trying to say. There are many awesome things that have age specific details as well. They are all very funny like the way alcohol used (or abused) through each stage of life. No matter what you age is, there will definitely be hundreds of things in here you can relate you.

This is a book that I think I will be reading for a long time. Not in order now, just opening to a random page and appreciating the little awesome thing it mentions. It can never get old. The few things that I can't really relate to (I haven't been on many plane rides, so the awesome plane moments haven't been experienced yet) are things I can look forward to finally doing and that will make the book even more enjoyable! And maybe a sequel will be made. It's not like there's nothing to write about.


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    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

      Sounds good...I may well give it a read. Thank You.