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Review of The Dog Who Saved Me by Susan Wilson

Updated on August 28, 2019
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Leah is an avid reader and an amateur book reviewer. While her tastes are varied, she prefers crime thrillers, and historical fiction.


This book focuses on Cooper Harrison, a former K-9 cop who had lost his partner under tragic circumstances, leading to the loss of his career and his marriage, leaving him with no option but to return to his hometown as an animal control officer. This is also where his father is known for being the town drunk and his brother is famous for being a troubled delinquent. While grieving the loss of his partner and his career (his marriage not so much), he finds himself tracking a yellow lab who has been seriously injured at the hands of a cruel human, and is predictably terrified of contact with people. While Cooper tries to stay emotionally detached, anyone who has ever loved a dog knows how difficult it can be to stay detached.

How I Started Reading This Book

This was a great book. I stumbled upon Susan Wilson's books courtesy of my mother, who had heard about One Good Dog, which led to us both reading Two Good Dogs, both of which we loved. This was the next book I had found by Susan Wilson that was available at my library, and it did not disappoint. Her books are heartwarming, and they always make me cry, but I don't even mind.

Running Themes

While there are some running themes in her books - aloof, emotionally distant men who have been hurt, dogs who have been abused and/or neglected, loss, grief, love, and redemption - she manages to present them in relatable ways in each novel, without seeming predictable. The nice part is that her plots are so different in each book. While the characters have similar traits, the storylines are so different.

To Read or Not To Read?

I hate even the idea of animal abuse or cruelty, the sad reality is that it exists. However, in the amazing world of Susan Wilson's books, her protagonists not only do not abuse animals, they actively work to prevent future abuse and bring abusers to justice. This books is an incredible read, and I'd suggest this for all readers, not just animal lovers. But if you are a dog lover, definitely read it. This book (One Good Dog and Two Good Dogs as well) are absolute winners.

This is a to read for sure.

What Did You Think of This Book?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Dog Who Saved Me by Susan Wilson

© 2019 Leah


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