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Book Review: 'What a Bragger'

Updated on October 27, 2019
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


The book 'What a Bragger' is a children’s book written by Lee Ann Macini and illustrated by Dan Sharp. "What a Bragger" after the "Fast Freddy" book in the same series.

In this review, we’ll address both the strengths and weaknesses of this children’s book.

Scanned copy of book cover from paperback version provided by publisher
Scanned copy of book cover from paperback version provided by publisher | Source


The publisher provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash.

Intended Audience

This book is best read to kids three through seven years old, and it is suitable for children in first grade and up to read to themselves.

Toddlers may find the illustrations interesting but won't understand the lessons it is trying to teach.

Strengths of “What a Bragger”

The illustrations in this book were rated a reader’s favorite, and it is clear why. The illustrations are bright, animated without being busy and draw kids into the story.

The lesson of reaching out to those in need and working with others to have a significant impact is good.

“What a Bragger” does a fair job of teaching children to value relationships like family and friends over things. Your friends don’t care what you have, but constantly bragging about what you have that they don’t can ruin your friendships and happiness when there is no one left to listen to the tall tales.

"What a Bragger" is a great book to teach children to stop and pause before acting and seeking guidance from their parents. Too many books say "do what you feel, regardless of what is right, because we assume you're feelings will lead to the right decision!"

Weaknesses of This Book

The book “What a Bragger” gives children the idea that braggers brag for attention (usually true) and make up for real deprivation (occasionally true). Many braggers are not poor, desperate or lonely but seeking to garner attention, win a game of one-upmanship or gain validation of their narcissism.

Observations about “What a Bragger”

The book “What a Bragger” is part of the “Adventures of the Sea Kids” Christian children’s book series. However, your children do not have to be familiar with the other books in the series to enjoy this one.

Treating a bragger like everyone else is appropriate. Validating their incorrect statements does not help them. The book “What a Bragger” is good at presenting the idea of treating those with these emotional problems with kindness but wrong about assuming that giving them a large gift will solve the problem. However, showing kindness and demonstrating that things are not why you like them can help alleviate the bad behavior.

"What a Bragger" is available in both hardback and paperback. There is no digital version available as of this writing.

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