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Review: The Alpha's Hunger

Updated on July 9, 2015

How I got this book

First off I would life to say that this is not my typical genre or at least not completely. I am a big fan of supernatural, magic, fantasy, action, thriller, and sci-fi books, but romance is not really my genre. However I got a free digital copy of this book (The Alpha's Hunger was written by author Renee Rose) from Net Gallery in exchange for an honest unbiased review of this book. Given that I was getting this book for free I decided to give it a read based on the supernatural elements mixed in with the romance.

The Author

The Alpha's Hunger was written by author Renee Rose. Renee Rose tends to specialize in paranormal romance novels. She also writes under the pen name Darling Adams from time to time to mix things up. Below is a list of some of her more popular books:

  1. The Alpha's Hunger
  2. The Devil of Whiskey Row
  3. Betrothed
  4. The Bossman
  5. The Westerfield Trilogy
  6. The Darlington Incident
  7. The Knight's Prisoner
  8. The Reddington Scandal
  9. Humbled
  10. Deathless Love
  11. Safe in His Arms
  12. The Sons of Johnny Hastings
  13. Coming to Terms
  14. Courting Celia
  15. Deathless Discipline
  16. Lords and Ladies
  17. Saved
  18. The Elusive "O"
  19. The Winter Storm
  20. Milestones
  21. Held For Ransom
  22. Loving Lucia
  23. The Outlaw's Bride

Lying on the floor of her cubicle to stave off a migraine while working late, the last thing Ashley Bell expected was to open her eyes and find the company's notoriously hard-assed owner and CEO, Ben Stone, standing over her. The offer of a ride home is a bigger surprise, but the biggest shock of all comes when Ben asks her to work for him as his personal assistant.

— Renee Rose

The Alpha's Hunger

Ashley Bell was an ordinary employee at Ben Stone's company until Ben Stone found her lying on the ground in her cubicle trying to stop a migraine before heading home. Ben Stone offered drive her home and then asked her to be his personal assistant and Ashley Bell's life was forever altered when she accepted the position. Her life course forever altered when she get call telling her twin sister has been kidnapped and if Ashley Bell wants to keep her sister alive and well she must help destroy Ben Stone's company. When her life is threatened by his enemies he casts aside caution and fights with the rage of a beast defending his mate. Not sure he can trust her, yet determined to protect her, Ben kidnaps Ashley, planning to keep her under his watch for as long as necessary. When Ben finds out his supernatural instincts cause him to have an overwhelming urge to protect her, but unsure if he can trust her and acting on instinct he kidnaps her to keep her safe from harm.

This entire book is one hundred and sixty three pages on Kindle and was published May 7, 2015.

From the moment he first crossed paths with Ashley, the beautiful young human from marketing, Ben has been consumed by her. When her life is threatened by his enemies he casts aside caution and fights with the rage of a beast defending his mate. Not sure he can trust her, yet determined to protect her, Ben kidnaps Ashley, planning to keep her under his watch for as long as necessary.

— Renee Rose


So, I was expecting this book to be all fluffy romance and was happily surprised to find a real plot line with engaging characters. I was expecting a redo of twilight with werewolves instead of vampires, but these characters are so much more. Ashley is a person that many people can sympathize with; she is the everyday working woman trying to work her way up in the company. Yes one migraine bring her an new opportunity as Ben Stone personal assistant. What I truly enjoyed about Ashley as a character is that her personality does not revolve around the male lead. She is a strong woman with very real preferences that cause her to get swept up in Ben Stone. Ben Stone is also a strong character and his personality does not revolve around Ashley. Ben Stone starts to fall for Ashley because of who she is as a person and neither one of them suddenly becomes someone else when around the other. Together the two of them work to rescue Ashley's sister and save Ben's company.Renee Rose truly outdid herself with this novel and I am left hoping that she continues to write in the supernatural/paranormal genre. I truly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to all supernatural/paranormal romance readers.


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