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Reviewing The Precious Quest: An Epic Journey of Love, Identity and Power by Cheryl Cowtan

Updated on May 13, 2019
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A Quick Summary

Title : The Precious Quest: An Epic Journey of Love, Identity and Power

Author : Cheryl R. Cowtan

Publication Date : January 21, 2019

Page Length : 184 pages

Summary :

The only way to have a child is to steal one. With the lands dying, lacking water and life, Laywern, the Queen of the Horde, leads her people in search of supplies and a child. She, as with her people, wonder why they can birth a child. Why had the Goddess, who they serve and love, deny the souls to return and become babes? Even in her loyalty to the Goddess, she finds herself doubting her beliefs until her giant, Nethaz, tells her that those who guard the Hall, where the souls are returned upon death, are barring the way for the souls to be reborn in the babes that one may birth. When the flush, the sign of being able to birth, comes upon Laywern, she denies its calling to Nethaz, and in turn gains the disapproval of the Goddess. Now she must try to lead her people and accept the dishonor she had acquired through displeasing the Goddess.

Review Time (May Containt some spoilers)

This book had me enthralled in the world from page one. The details made it easy to envision how the scenery looked and how the atmosphere was. It felt almost as if you were there among the Horde. Being one who adores nature, I did find the dying planet depressing and was easily able to understand why the need to pillage and raid other towns and people to provide supplies understandable. After all, I would probably think the same way in that situation. I was amazed by the details in this story, not of just the surroundings and scenes, but of also the people, thoughts of the Queen (Laywrern), and how she interacted with those around her. It is clear to see; her people come before her own wants and needs.

I enjoyed reading about the back story on Laywern and a few characters from her past. I found it helped gain insight on her disposition and how she dealt with situations. I found myself relating to her in some ways because of how her father and her people were towards her because she was a half-breed. This made it easier to fully understand why she was always guarding her emotions from those around her. Her doubt in her beliefs had me questioning some of the things she said and did however. Though she looks to be honored by the Goddess she worships, when she experiences the flush, which would allow her to bear a child with whom the flush chooses, she decided to choose another. One who wasn't destined to be her partner. I found this troubling and hoping that the Goddess would understand. However, I did feel bad for Nethaz, who was her chosen mate, when she didn't accept him. He had known he was chosen and yet she went on to try with another. I couldn't help but feel for him. We have all been there at one point or another.

This story seems to be about finding out what happened to the souls in the Hall, but also about Laywern figuring out who she is. I was sad it was so short, considering, I would have loved to read more, but it does appear to be the first book in a series. Having been released earlier this year (January 2019), I find myself hoping the next one to come out soon. I can honestly say I have never read anything by Cowtan before, but look forward to more of her works. It has been a while since I have read a fantasy with such attention to detail, that I may be a new fan of the author's.

The world she created, though gloomy as it may be, was extraordinary. I wouldn't want to live there, but it is a product of a great imagination. It is abundantly clear, Cowtan had taken the time to create a world to fit her design and story. In such a world, it is clear to see why it is easy for people to lose hope or faith. I just can't praise Cowtan enough for the details and wonderful world creation.

This is a book I would recommend to those who love fantasy books. However short it is, I find it was a gripping tail that leaves you wanting more. Not just in the continuance of the story, but in the knowledge of the characters as well. I would rate this book 5 star out of 5 stars. I definitely think this was an amazing story and love the Author's writing style.

© 2019 Chrissy


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