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Rhyming on 'E'

Updated on December 8, 2011

You can call me what you want; black and ugly.
But you can't convince me that god don't love me
I know ever since I learned my abcs
I've been putting words together,and boy it's a breeze
So mind blowing I brought the world to it's knees
I was born to be the best of all the Lees
There isn't a door I can't open, I got all the keys
I have what you want I have all the remedies
So gather round, travel across the seas
I got news for all the earth's families
Tonight I've been busy, more than hundreds of bees
I've been writing my heart out, so just listen please
I made sure this time to dot my i's and cross my t's
I need more paper, somebody go cut down some trees
Its a story that no one ever believes
I'm on the edge, immobilized by my fear so I freeze
Listen close, before it's autumn and I fall like the leaves………


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