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Poetry In Motion: Rhythm of Life

Updated on April 5, 2011
Illustration by Michael Hubbard
Illustration by Michael Hubbard | Source

A Lyrical Poem

If your life was music

What style would it be

Would it be jazz

Rock or Pop

Rhythm and Blues

Or Hip-Hop

Would it reverberate Punk

Rap or an alternative Funk


Feel the rhythm of your life

What instruments are playing

What songs are swaying you

Back and forth

Keeping you still

Holding you close


Mine would be jazz

It has that certain class

It’s the kind of music that lasts

It pumps me up

It settles me down

It has that special kind of something

That pleases the not so obvious crowd

Since my life encounters confusion

I sometimes like jazz with a little fusion


There’s no judgment as to which beat is best

Because rhythmizing beings is no contest

It doesn’t matter if your lifestyle is pop, rock, or blues

Because the rhythm of life

Doesn’t care who’s who.


Copyright ©1997 Shar’Ron Maxx Mahaffey  All rights reserved.

Reflections of You® Journal (ISSN 1087-4062) April 1997, Volume 2 Issue 1

Reprinted by permission.


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