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"Richard the Fourth," New Shakespearean-style Drama Written by Max Havlick and His Shakespeare Workshop for the Future

Updated on November 28, 2013

An Introduction Invitation to
Participate in Writing Too

On every Thursday William Shakespeare comes into our view

inside this workshop and its projects that we share with you

so you can enter them inside your own prov-in-ces too

if you will take the time to grab and read a book or two,

or if you are still un-der-age or acting there-un-to,

I guess that Master Internet will have to do for you.

New Cre-a-tiv-i-ty E-rupted
from an Inter-rup-tion

When yesterday, while planning for the Shakespeare year ahead,

new per-son-al discourse kept in-ter-fer-ing with my head

and dis-com-bob-u-lat-ing everything I did or said

so much that afterwards . . . connections made before . . . were dead,

my routine thoughts suc-cumbed to cre-a-tiv-i-ty instead.

Now creativity exceeds my powers to explain,

but when it strikes, it comes like light-ning in a driving rain,

and you can no more hide from it, or run away from it,

than can ex-pand-ing air avoid mad thun-der-ing at it.

The in-ter-rup-tion of my mind per-form-ing Richards Two and Three

co-jan-gled with my dream of writing Shakespeare for this cen-tu-ry,

so to that precious friend who per-son-al-ly in-ter-rup-ted me,

I owe emergence of the Richard Four who sits in front of me

now begging me, and you, to be inscribed in verse im-mor-tal-ly.

The Sources of Desire
to Keep On Working

Oh yes, dear friends, life-long ambition likes no little bounds

when eighty years of living still inside your heart abounds,

and cu-ri-os-i-ty still cul-ti-vates your daily rounds,

and from each person and per-cep-tion you hear pleasant sounds,

and every friend and en-e-my provides un-shake-a-bly firm grounds.

Four Starting Lines Inviting
Your Participation

Today, October ten, I only have four starting lines to offer you,

but if my Shakespeare writing project should inspire and beckon you,

this sample of our modern Richard Four's distinctive point of view

will hopefully inspire astute reaction and response from you;

or when identity of this historic Richard dawns on you,

you will help out by writing lines on him, or people that he knew,

enhancing them with insights and emotions from your point of view.


A new Shake-spear-e-an style play of modern times

by Max J. Havlick and his friends in workshop rhymes.


SCENE 1. Washington, D.C., The Oval Office

Enter Richard, President, with two of his top aides.

Now is our springtime dawning with in-cip-i-ent success,

and we, the gifted few, the for-tu-nate re-cip-i-ents of it;

for we from all our suf-fer-ing shall seek and find redress,

sub-ject-ing our worst enemies to mer-ci-less-ly pay for it.


Copyright (c) 2013 by The Max Havlick School, 16 W. Vermont St., Villa Park, Illinois 60181-1938, all rights reserved. "Valuing each person's life as a priceless work of art." "If it isn't fun, it can't be done."


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