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Updated on February 19, 2020


On a sun-scorched and abandoned stretch of road, a murder was taking place. Hope’s intestines spilled out on the asphalt. Bill reached down and gripped the slimy blood-soaked intestines with white-gloved hands. He picked it up and then wrapped the intestines around Hope’s neck. He waited for Hope’s body to quit convulsing with spasms and twitching, before letting go of the intestines and allowing the dead woman to fall face down. He climbed in the van and his driver named Penny, took off.

Billy stared straight ahead with white makeup caked on his face. Penny saw that he was sweating and his clown makeup was starting to run, so she cranked up the air conditioning. Her tone was higher than usual. “How was it?” asked Penny.

He blinked, “Awful.”

“I thought you always wanted to kill someone?” Penny interrogated. Bill shook his head.

“There was so much blood. My glove and clown costume smells so coppery, pull over. “When she pulled over, he fled from the van and dropped to his knees. The first wave hit. His throat, chest, and gut-strung. The scrambled eggs he had eaten earlier came back. Next up came the orange juice. A little more eggs came up and then the dry heaving began. He dragged himself up on his feet; then he dragged himself up into the van. Penny began driving once again.

“You said I could do the next one,” Penny reminded him.

“Be my guest,” Bill replied, his voice devoid of emotion. Penny spotted a man on the side of the road. She pulled over. Penny got out of the van, approaching the stranded motorist, with a smile plastered on her face. “What seems to be the problem?” Penny asked, eyeing the man’s car. He looked back at the car; he was frowning as if he were embarrassed by his misfortune. The man wore an oversized baggy t-shirt and khakis with an elastic waistband. As Penny looked him up and down, she noticed how thin he was. He looked at the van and squinted to see Billy sitting in the front seat. “Would you two mind giving me a ride back to town?” the man asked.

“I’m afraid I forgot my cellphone. My sister owns a diner about seven miles back that way. I can call a tow truck from there.” Penny looks back and debates with herself.

“I don’t know; it’s crammed in our van. Besides, my brother and I aren’t too crazy about giving rides to strangers.”

The man chimed in. “I’ll pay for gas.” Penny nodded.

“Okay. Let’s go, but you got to sit in the back.” Penny turned around heading back to her van. As soon as her back was turned, the man pulled a gun out of the front of his pants and fired. She fell over dead. Next, when Bill tried escaping, the man shot Bill in the back. Quickly the man got into his car and drove off. He traveled in the opposite direction in which he had indicated that his sister’s diner was located.


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