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Robby's Spiderman

Updated on December 17, 2011


Robby screams at the top of his lungs, “Mom it’s gone.”

“What’s gone Robby,” mom replies.

“My Spiderman mask, I took it off to wash my face now it’s gone.”

“It has to be hear someplace. It can’t just get up and walk away by itself.” Mom looks at her watch. “We don’t have time to look now you are going to be late for school. We’ll look for it when you get home. Now come on lets go.”

“I’m not going to school with out my mask,” Robby pouts.

“Oh yes you are young man now move it,” Mom says sternly, as she points to the door.

Robby grabs his backpack and stomps to the front door. He slams the door behind him almost hitting Mom in the face. Mom is cross but she tries to talk to Robby on the way to school. Robby just sits in the back seat with his arms crossed and a sour look on his face.

Suddenly he bursts into tears. “It’s all your fault Mom. If you hadn’t made me wash my face I would still have my mask.”

“Okay enough Robby now we are here and I want you to go in and have a good morning at school. I’ll be here at lunch to pick you up. Try to forget about your mask and we will find it this afternoon.”

Robby climbs out of the car and walks toward the school doors. He hears his mother call I love you but chooses to ignore it.

All through school all Robby can think about is his Spiderman mask. “What will I do if I never find ii? I’ll just die if it’s lost. How can I be Spider man and protect the world with out my mask?”

Robby’s teacher tries to bring him into the group discussion but to no avail.

The ringing of the bell brings Robby back to reality. He grabs his backpack, pushes his way through the crowd of kids, and bolts out the door. He runs down the steps, rushes to the car and hops in.

“Hurry drive fast Mom I have to get home!” he shouts at her.

“Okay Relax! I am going as fast as I can with out breaking the law.”

The car comes to a stop and Robby bolts out of the car and into the house. He runs frantically through all the rooms in the house searching for his mask. After half an hour, Mom calls him to lunch.

“Do you want to eat on the patio?” Mom asks.

“Yeah what ever,” Robby replies.

Robby is sitting on the patio eating a tuna sandwich when he spots something by the doghouse. He lets out a loud screech and Mom comes running.

“What’s the matter Robby?” Mom says breathlessly.

“I found it! My mask, Rovers got it.” He launches himself off the patio and runs to the doghouse. He grabs his mask and holds it up. The smile droops to a frown and the tears fall. His mask is so dirty he can hardly recognize it.

He throws the mask at Rover and yells, “Stupid dog!” He turns and runs to his room and slams the door.

Robby is so upset that he cries himself to sleep. Slowly he turns over and opens his eyes.

“I’m dreaming. No way this isn’t true!”

There on his pillow is his Spiderman mask looking almost brand knew.

“Mom!” he yells.

“What is it now Robby?” Mom says while smiling down at him.

“Where did this come from? I thought it was wrecked,” Robby asks.

Mom’s smile broadens as she says, “I don’t know Robby maybe Spiderman brought it.” Mom turns and leaves Robby’s room.

“Wow! That’s cool.” Robby puts on his mask and Spiderman costume and swooshes out of his room.

Spiderman has returned again to battle the enemy.”


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