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Romance novels-Christian and Secular

Updated on December 30, 2012
Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James
Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James | Source
Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin
Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin | Source
A wonderful Christian love story by Karen Kingsbury
A wonderful Christian love story by Karen Kingsbury | Source

Romance Novels

I love to read as well as write! I enjoy a good book, irregardless of the subject matter, however, my favorite stories at least include some romance in the storyline. Being a romantic at heart, nothing can grab my attention like a good love story.

I have been asked, what is your very favorite romance novel and it is impossible to name just one. I prefer to purchase books of a Christian genre because being a Christian I no longer enjoy reading explicitly sexual books. I prefer to have some things left to the imagination.

I would like to share a few books of the Romance Novel genre and would love to hear your feed back.

My husband and I recently watched a movie, The Jane Austin book club, and as we watched I realized I had never read one of Jane Austin's books. The next day I checked out the books available on my Kindle book club and downloaded Pride and Prejudice. As I tried to read it I couldn't get beyond the feeling that it was just not my kind of book. The actors in the movie were having great discussions at their meetings, so perhaps I would have enjoyed it more had I been in a club and discussing it.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE-Jane Austin first published in 1813

Pride and Prejudice, is a story of manners (good and bad). It is said to be one of the most popular novels of all time. It features the meetings between a proud young man, Mr. Darcy and a prejudiced young woman,Elizabeth Bennet as they engage in a spirited courtship. It is written in the style of the times in which it was created-1813

As we venture farther into present time we find the irresistible novel by Nicholas Sparks:


I must admit I have not read this book, however, I have seen the movie and am sure the book is at least as interesting as the movie.

It is a story of a young man and woman coming from extremely different backgrounds who fell in love. Ellie's rich parents did not approve of Noah . Thus began a story of not being able to forget the beautiful girl he had met fourteen years earlier. It is a story that covers many years of their enduring love for each other.

It is a story of love and miracles that you will never forget.

I highly recommend this book. And you really must see the movie if you have not seen it.


Every where I go these days women are talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. From what I hear, it is very provocative, sensual, any other words you can think of that mean pure sex. I jokingly told my thirty year old daughter that I really must get a copy and read this book to see what is so new under the sun! She said, "Mom, are you kidding? You aren't really going to read that are you?

We will just have to wait to see if I do or not.

This book is intended for mature audiences. If you are reading this hub and are not a person old enough to choose what you should be reading, I suggest you wait a few years to read this book.

LEAVING -Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite Christian Authors. She tends to write books as a series of three or four books, though each book can stand alone if you don't have a chance to read them all. She also has some stand alone novels.

Bailey is leaving her hometown of Bloomington because she has won an audition for the ensemble of a Broadway musical in New York City. She must try her wings by taking advantage of this offer toward success. The love of her life has disappeared but she must not allow this to stand in her way. In the mean time Cody has taken a job teaching in a distant town in order to be closer to his mother who is in jail,

I find that Christian novels have interesting story lines that include romance, problems to be solved -basically following what real life holds for most people.

I expect to add more book review hubs as time allows.


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