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Rondelet: Please Indulge Me

Updated on November 12, 2011

Guillaume Rondelet


Rondelet: Please Indulge Me

Please indulge me.

I am just learning to rhyme.

Please indulge me.

Promise to get better you’ll see.

My practice has been a short time.

I am just in my early prime.

Please indulge me.

A Bit of History Behind Rondelet Poetry

The best I ca find it all started with a Medical Doctor and Professor name Guillaume Rondelet which was Regus Professor of Medicine at the University of Montpellier in Southern France. He was a renowned anatomist and naturalist whit a particular interest in botany and zoology.

He was exception bad at his personal finances and once preformed a autopsy on his dead infant child which spark outrage.

Later in his life he returned to teaching Medicine at the University of Montpellier but as the black Plague struck Europe he had as few students as three.


What about this poem? Why would I write it? Well first I wrote it because I want to improve. But in general I write these poems for your entertainment, amusement and education. If I manage to make you smile or bring a little joy to your day then I feel really happy. I also felt more comfortable with this poem and I am ready to move to another form of poetry. While I was not over confident on the Rondeau form of poetry it did prepare me for the Rondelet form of poetry.

If I would have any advice to anyone just taking up poetry and trying to learn it for the first time. I would suggest sticking with your original poem in sophisticated rhyming schemes, I almost went back several times and screwed up the poems entirely.

And Explanation of Rondelet Poetry

I will post the link so you can look up this type of poetry as well. I don’t feel qualified to try and explain it as I am novice just learning myself. It is fun though to try. So I have included the link down below and I hope you try to write a Rondelet poem soon.

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