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Roshni – The Key That Got Lost

Updated on November 12, 2014

Roshni – curious and daring. One afternoon was busy satisfying a creepy curiosity with her friend Parvati hiding in Parvati’s elder sister Artee’s bedroom.

Roshni’s family had a group of seven or eight families whom they would socialize with, hang out with, party with, go camping with. They would practically eat, sleep and breathe with these people morning, noon and night. They were known as the family friends. Parvati’s family was one of them. Thus Parvati and she had been friends since they were eight years old, whether they liked it or not.

At one of the camping trips Roshni and Parvati had been shunned away along with some other age mates and juniors, by Parvati’s elder sister Artee, her age mates and other elder siblings amongst the family friends. The elder kids were up to something and Roshni and Parvati, along with other juniors were not even allowed to watch.

At first annoyed at being marked off amongst the kids, whereas even Roshni’s elder brother, Two years her senior and terribly protective of her had been included in the elder kids group. Nonetheless, she along with Parvati, who was the youngest amongst her siblings had somehow been chosen as the limit for “not being old enough” to let alone participate, they weren’t even allowed to sneak a peek. However after some time as sounds of excitement and laughter and hushed whispers reached them curiosity began to kill Parvati and Roshni, to say the least.

Somehow or the other Parvati managed to sneak and get to the bottom of what it was that they were being deprived of. She came back with secret information. Parvati’s sister had learnt some trick and they were using a book, a key and a shoelace to somehow make a book rotate and answer questions about the future. It apparently had something to do with calling spirits. Roshni was utterly spooked out of her mind.

Anyway so some weeks after their return, as Roshni had gone to visit Parvati one afternoon. They had managed to sneak into Artee’s bedroom, pick a pocket dictionary, get her elder brother Ibhanan’s shoelace and Artee’s cupboard key. Now they were set to experiment with what they had secretly learnt and forbidden to even watch!

Placing the key in the dead center at the edge of the book, with its head protruding out, they securely tied it to the book. Thereafter, placing their respective forefingers, of the right hand parallel to the edge of the book, with the key balanced at the tip of the finger. They were ready with their questions. When one of them asked their question, whether either verbally or in secret, they had to wait to see which side the book turned. If the book turned towards the questioner's right it meant a “YES” and if it turned towards the left it meant “NO”.

So they both took turns and asked some questions about the past and some about the present and after receiving correct replies they had developed somewhat of a confidence in whatever it was that was answering their questions.

Then Roshni decided to ask about the question she really wanted to ask. Since they could not ask any question other than one that answered in yes or no, it was very tricky to actually come up with the question. So keeping in mind, Ahmer Iqtedar, the boy she had liked since she was practically six yrs old, she being around ten at the time. She asked if she would get married to him. The answer was clearly a “NO”. Holding back tears, she began taking random names of girls in connection to him asking if he would get married to any of them. The answer was repeatedly “NO”. Parvati was very frustrated with her and they both were running out of time as her sister could come upstairs at any minute. Anxiously she asked will he marry anyone at all, and the answer came “NO” … now both of them were perplexed and Parvati asked “why? Will he die” and the answer was “YES”

Roshni – in a bemused state of denial began to randomly ask “will he die young before he is of marriageable age?” – “YES” … “Will he die at 19?” – “YES” … Then all of a sudden the key sprung out of the book. The book fell out of their hands. They both tried to grab it and see if the shoelace had opened up. It had not! It was still fastened secure. They looked around for the key. It was nowhere to be found. They looked under the bed, under the sofa, under the cushions. They searched like two crazy people. Hearts racing, their breathing short and panicked.

Artee walked in. “What are you two doing?” – “Nothing” they both replied unanimously. She looked at them, one eyebrow raised. She was around eight years older than them, which at the time seemed like a lifetime. They smiled at her as best as they could. And decided to hide the book and the shoe lace and simply just forget about this incident. If asked, they knew nothing about the key!

About a month later – Roshni’s elder brother Rameez, Ibhanan and Tabraiz (another one of the family friend kids, Rameez’s age mate) were busy wrestling in the front garden of Parvati’s house. It was dark at night. With a measly bulb lighting the dark dingy garden. Parvati and Roshni stood watching the boys playing. When out of the blue they all randomly stopped. Tabraiz holding out a golden object announced, “What’s this key doing here?”

Both Parvati and Roshni, saw the key and recognizing it for what it was, ran screaming inside, with goose bumps all over their bodies and hair risen on the back of their necks! What the hell was it doing there? And HOW ON EARTH did it manage to get there? Artee’s room is upstairs and her windows even when the glass is slid open, are sealed with grills and aluminum lattice. There was no way in hell it could have simply just flown out of her room into the front garden. They were scared out of their wits.

I tried my best to calm Roshni down, and to convince her that only Allah knows the future and one cannot believe in these things and the nonsense they say. I discovered myself that there is no such thing as calling “good spirits”. Once a person passes away, his spirit is either in a state of bliss or in a state of doom. Both ways the one thing for certain is that they are locked within a different dimension called “Barzakh” and cannot return except for Allah’s Will. The ones doomed cannot leave under any circumstances and are busy suffering the wrath they endeavored to earn. The ones enjoying eternal bliss are so unconcerned with the worries and trivialities of this temporary world that they cannot be summoned by us humans at our beck and call. Other than that, the difference in the concept of time between the two dimensions is almost unimaginable. What seems a day in Barzakh are like hundreds of years for us. Thus just the thought that the spirits of people who have passed away are involved with us and our daily lives is incomprehensible.

Years later, that boy died in a car crash at the age of 19! What that did to Roshni, is a story for another day.

Anyhow, the question that remains is, what is it that comes into the cups and the books or whatever medium to answer our ridiculous queries? Well when every person is born a Jinn called “Kireen” is born with them. It is their companion, and lives with them and follows them around and when they die it continues to live on around the place of their burial. These Jinns live on for thousands of years and these are what come into various mediums when spirits are invoked. They are not bound to tell the truth. They are there because you invoked them and are perhaps amusing themselves or might even be rather irritated with you for having invoked them and caught them in your cup or medium etc. They randomly say things and answer questions. They can be very accurate with giving information regarding your past etc, as they can communicate with your Kireens as well and find out the relevant information. If one actually starts believing them and gets into this ridiculous pursuit of invoking them to satisfy various curiosities, it tantamount to taking them as their lord. More importantly, one must never forget that the Kireen have no moral values or ethics, they have no obligations of honesty towards you. Thus, these paths are best left untraveled. They can truly destroy a person; their beliefs, thoughts, character and life. One must seek to avoid interaction with the Jinns and one must do their utmost in acquiring protection against them. Some fluke predictions about the future may turn true, however it is just a fluke nonetheless. No one other than Allah has any authority or knowledge of the future; no Jinn, no clairvoyant person and no soothsayer . Prophet’s and Wallis might be informed about certain things or matters regarding the future as per Allah’s Will, but those too are usually not about trivialities and are in fact related to greater and grander things and plans, and normally for the guidance, direction or warning of humanity.


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    • Raana  Khan profile imageAUTHOR

      Raana Khan 

      4 years ago

      I don't write short stories very often, and many of the ones I do write I don't share since they are mostly based on personal experiences. I don't believe that a story can be real enough unless it is somewhat personal. The emotions tend to lack depth if one has not felt them themselves.

      You should give it a go though, you'll never feel inspired enough unless you first push yourself into doing it. Do a rough draft first and then just reread it and after that it'll all just flow into you naturally. That's what happens with me. :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      4 years ago from New Zealand

      That was a very interesting story you wrote, I enjoyed reading it. Do you do a lot of writing if so do you enjoy it.

      I'm thinking of writing short stories, but I think I'm going to have to give myself a big push to get started, just can't think of any good subjects.

      You certainly wrote as if you knew all about this subject (which I know nothing about it.


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