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A Student's Guide to Coldwrites

Updated on December 28, 2009


Writing essays is difficult, and having no previous preparation for them makes life even more strenuous. Luckily, you have come to the right place.

Below is listed the philosopher approved rubric used to effectively address coldwrite prompts.

In this article, I will be addressing on how to write the following:

·                  Introduction

·                  Body Paragraphs

·                  Counter Examples Paragraphs

·                  Conclusions

Along with:

·                  What not to do

·                  What not to say

The Introduction

What to Write
# of Sentences
Intro. Sentence
Briefly address the prompt, making sure to demonstrate that the question stiumulated the certain response you are about to give.
Cut to the point. State your 2 premises and move on to your 1st body paragraph.
1-2 sentences

Duck or Rabbit?


This rubric serves mostly for youn high school students, so if you do not find this helpful, here are a few other hubs about writing philosophy papers...

Premis Paragraphs (body's 1 and 2)

What to Write
# of Sentences
State your belief, including what school of philosophy you will be using.
1-2 sentences
Beliefs of Philosophic Schools
Demonstrate your knowledge on this specific area.
3-4 sentences
Give an instance to show how this school of thought relates to your prompt. (i.e. What does it mean to be Human?)
1-2 sentences
Support/Elaboration on Example
Expand on your demonstration.
3-8 sentences
Come to a solid conclusion, proving that your premis is justifiable.
2-3 sentences
"Also exists the belief that...", "Not only does this... but..."
1-2 sentences

The Counter Example

What to Write
# of sentences
Poke holes in your own argument.
2-3 sentences
Demonstrate weaknesses in explanations. (i.e. questions, examples...)
5-10 sentences
Use both/all of the philosophical schools used to counter your counter.
4-7 sentences

The Conclusion

What to Write
# of sentences
Summarize your body paragraphs, including the beliefs of both schools of thought.
3-5 sentences
Restate Syllogism
Redemonstrate how Premis #1 + Premis #2 = your Thesis.
2-4 sentences
A Wider Perspective
Demonstrate how, if applied to the real world, how what point you have proved would efect modern day society.
2-3 sentences

What NOT to do

Apparently, a common practice among students is to quickly shotgun schools of philosophy into their papers.  Unfortunatley, this will not work.  In order to write a high quality paper, you must specifically focus on two schools of thought which you know for sure.  

By including several schools of thought, you are merely increasing the amount of writing you must do in areas that you don't know about.

What NOT to say

Because of modern day religions, some people tend to strongly abide by their faiths.  While there is nothing wrong with this, believing in your faith while writing a philosophic paper may cause a few problems.

How to avoid:

  • Act as though you are a dispassionate 3rd party analyzing the passage/argument.

  • Heaven 
  • Hell
  • Grace
While these three may seem as words that would regularly be used within philosophic papers, these actually reflect the Christian/Western World's view on the afterlife.  Therefore, using these terms is considered being biased.  
In the mind of a dispassionate, these words would translate to:
Heaven and Hell - Western Christian views on the AfterlifeGrace - a person's inclination towards good or evil

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