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Ruby's Diner, a Fun Place on State Road 66

Updated on May 7, 2020
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I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.

Sometimes we have all-nighters in the dance hall built on the back of the diner.

Ruby's diner located on State Road 66 in Hardee County, Flordia, it's small but quaint. The walls are covered with pictures of our beloved movie stars, mostly the old glossy black and white of yesteryears.

We serve the best food around and the deserts, what can I say? Scrumptious and heavenly are the words heard around town.

We open at five AM and close at ten PM nightly, that is if we don't have an all-nighter in the dance hall built on the back of the diner. Now, that's where we have a ball! We have an old jukebox with all the great records, rock-and-roll. rhythem-and-blues, country and believe it or not, opera, yes I said opera, we might be countryfied, but we still love opera. The best part, it only costs a quarter and if you hit the eject button your quarter jumps out for another play.

The highway patrol stops in everyday for lunch and fills us in on suspicious activities to be on the lookout for.

Last week we noticed a long black limo pulling into the Cozy Cone motel next door. We all swore it was Dustin Hoffman with a young, beautiful woman hanging on his arm. Of course we were all hoping they'd get hungry and stop in. The limo driver did come in and had a piece of pecan pie and a cup of hot coffee, when we asked him about who his passengers were, he just grinned and winked. They were all gone when we opened up the next morning. I couldn't keep from thinking about Mrs. Robinson, aha the good old movies in the good old days.

Our cook's name is Charlie and man oh man can he ever grill a steak!, you can cut it with a fork, and his chili is famous throughout the area and beyond. He refuses to say what all he puts in it, but I believe I can taste a little homemade wine, plus he serves a slice of good ole buttermilk cornbread with every meal.

Charlie is a laid-back sorta fella. He stands six feet tall, thin and muscular with a touch of gray throughout his thick, black hair. Rumor has it, he's sweet on Ashlyn our waitress whose barely five feet tall and cute as a button, long red hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. She's full of energy and works hard for her tips. I might add, she makes more than a minimum wage, so this past election didn't bother her none.

We get a variety of people who stops in, locals and travelers from the highway. I think what attracts them is our neon sign of Dorothy dancing a jig in her Ruby red slippers.

There's never a dull moment at Ruby's diner. I'm on my way to the Farmer's market to buy some fresh veggies. See you all, come back now, you hear? Oh wait-up I see another long black limo pulling into the Cozy Cone motel next door, are my eye's playing tricks on me?, is that Bette Midler getting out of the limo? Oh my! I see some funtime on the horizon!


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