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Rude Fairy Tales: Funny or flops?

Updated on June 18, 2013

The Discussion

What does everybody think of rude fairy tales?
(There's a poll at the end you can answer)

By rude fairy tales I mean:

  • Existing fairy tales that have been warped and distorted by an author in order to give out a crude message instead of a bedtime story for children
  • A brand new story or poem that has been written to the style of a fairy tale but with the intention of sending out a similarly crude message as described above

My Opinion

Everybody will have their own opinion on this matter - and that's wonderful. My mind is so open that I am constantly having to pick out bits that have fallen in. But here's my opinion:

Fairy tales are a wonderful thing for children and adults alike, and so beautifully crafted - who's to say we shouldn't use that to a comical advantage and take these richly cultured tales and twist them into dirty, filthy, adult pieces of comedy?

I appreciate the originals - but also appreciate the inspiration they can give us for a wide variety of new creativity.

An Example (Not for the easily offended)

Your View

What is your view on rude fairy tales?

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