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Book Review: The Runaway Dragon

Updated on January 3, 2014


By Xuan Chau, a fine pianist

Have you ever gone on a quest to find a carnivorous reptile? Maybe a snake or an alligator? If that sounds strange, try looking for a dragon like Meg in “The Runaway Dragon”, a book written by Jimmy Mires. In this story, a princess named Meg, has a pet dragon named Laddy. However, when Meg’s dragon starts to grow up, he runs away for not being loved anymore. When Meg returns to find Laddy gone, she goes on a quest to find him with ten guards, and three friends named Dilly Cam and Lex, and they set off. But this is just the beginning of this enchanted story.

The Runaway Dragon
The Runaway Dragon

The Adventure

During Meg’s adventure, she meets a huge stag who took her guards, a giant who took her friends, and an evil empress who is way too young to be an evil empress anyways. They take everything except for Meg, her magic scarf, and her magic carpet. Being trapped in a castle takes most of the stories events including drama, conflict and fighting. Meg loses track of his goal and stumbles into prison, where she is kept. She still remembers that she has to do tasks to get his friends back, and she remembers that she must find Laddy. Meg gains some experience of the outside world. But since she is young, she doesn’t give up that easily. She eventually does find Laddy, though not in the way she had hoped.

What Does the Story Teach

This story teaches how to be trustful, forgiving, and acceptable. Before the adventure, Meg was stubborn, never thought a princess could be harmed, and always trying to get things right her own way. For example, when Dilly says,” Don’t drink the water!” Meg didn’t listen and only to be later transformed into a squirrel. But later, when Dilly says,” Those mushrooms are poisonous!” Meg did listen, and said, “Ok, let’s try it your way; I’m sorry for not listening before”. She stopped being an unreasonable person. The theme of this story is to trust others, and don’t believe you are better than others because of your status, nor does Meg call Laddy her pet anymore.  Meg also starts behaving and taking responsibilities.

This was my favorite book of all time. The mood changed from time to time, from happy to outraging. It was funny too. “Spinaches hair was like an ocean of noodles so large; Dilly had to swim through it”. The author also includes parts from other well known fairy tales like “The Three Witches”. This book is exciting, and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crazy, fairy tales.


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