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Running Away Chasing Her

Updated on June 11, 2015

Running Away Chasing Her

I was riding
Ridin with a squint in my eyes
From the speed
Riding hard through the turns
The trees
A green blur
Ridin fast tryin to escape what was chasing me
The past
Countless miles
Glaring straight ahead no time for the rearview
I ripped off the mirrors and threw them over the edge of a bridge
into the river dark and menacing
Screaming at the water and the automobiles as they swallowed up everything
Drowning out the noise my engine speeds me into the wind
Pushing me
Faster into the night a dim light in front of me on the road twisting
my wrist faster faster faster
Trying to catch her
The light I can't touch
Into the morning sun
Engine still straining and breathing trying to keep up with my will to
get away from the road behind me
All the lines blur together
No colors 
No troubles
Just eyes bleeding colorless lines across my cheeks
Teeth gritting tires soft from the heat
Grabbing onto whatever they can trying to keep up with the throttle
The will to go faster
The old man
The old plan
Slow and steady dependable pace
Where I was confused by the race
Too many hats
Simpler this way when you can't hear yourself think no thinking just doing
Leaning further
Before the turning churning soul on this sun beaten mirage of a road
I hit the ocean nowhere else to go but down
Open my mouth and letting the world in all at once
Swallowing me up spitting me out
On the 1
Ocean on my right waves crash into my mind as the road winds
Falling into the earth on a grey line and exploding out the other side
Glasses pressed tight
As I run away chasing her through another night


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