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Running jumping

Updated on June 7, 2012


I was on the bus and it came to my stop. I jumped off. Why i had to jump i don't know. Why couldn't i just step off like other people. I suppose it might have had something to do with the fact i was on the roof. A reminder to myself. Just get on and sit in the seats like other people. I'm getting too old to go on the roof and pretend i'm spiderman and then have to jump off. But at least i was off now. I took a breath of fresh air.Which was strange as i had just had a lot of it from being on top of the bus. But that is what i did. I looked round. Yes i think it was something to do with this bad diet i was on. I had seen a reflection of myself in a shop window, and yes, i definitely looked round.

I don't know if it was seeing my large reflection in the window or the large amounts of fresh air i had got in my lungs but i now had a mad desire to run. To just go free in the wind. Run as far and as fast as i could. I ran until i hit the wall. It was my own fault. I really should have had my eyes open. I'll never learn. I must have ran about 20 yards before hitting the wall and then falling and hitting the pavement.

A crowd of people emerged and looked at me. As i looked up with blood coming down my head i could see everyone with real clarity. It was like a problem in mathematics or statistics come to life i thought. The problem seemed to be if someone had crashed into a wall while running what percentage of people would be

A) Concerned

B) Intrigued

C) Amused

I looked up and immediately worked out looking at these people around me the answers were

A)53% B)22% and C)25% Which to be honest i thought was quite worrying. The fact that 25% thought that somebody running into a wall was amusing was a sign of the times i suppose but it still startled me. I tried to tell myself that this was a convention of psycopaths and the results weren't really that bad but i knew that i was kidding myself on.

Even from those people who found it amusing i could have put them into sub sections ranging from mildly amused to hysterical laughter but realised that i would just have felt worse when most of these were in fits of laughter.

As most of the crowd dispersed i slowly got to my feet. Some of the 53% concerned people asked if i was okay and if i wanted to go to hospital but i just done the only thing that most people do in my situation. I wiped the blood away from my face said that it was nothing. I meant to do it and then stared hard at the wall for having the temerity not to move when i ran into it.

Then i continued running this time with my eyes opened to check on any oncoming walls as i limped into the distance.


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