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Scottish Language

Updated on November 10, 2015

Scottish language can be a bit quickly spoken for people,ive learned to have loads of patience over the years,goes with the territory.

Scottish words and Scottish phrases
Can often attract puzzled faces.
We speak very fast,or so I am told
Our language can be aggressive,maybe even bold.
Often I'm asked to slow down, say it again
I calm myself down,And count to ten.
It's not deliberate,it's definitely not meant
You acquire our dialect, however it's sent.
It's a nightmare when I use the phone,
"Can you repeat Sir?", no wonder I moan.
After two or three times my patience is tested
I get off and have a coffee,just to feel rested.
Try another day,hope you get understood
I don't want to be in a constant mood.
Our language changes the further you travel
Quite often even I feel the need to marvel.
Further up North up near Aberdeen
It changes completely,it has to be seen.
Scotland's language,can stick in your mind
Come for a visit,happier times you might find.
Beautiful scenery,mountains galore
Visit our Lochs,walk along the shore.
Peace and tranquility,cures even the stressed
Leaves you feeling happy,you'll be at your best.
I've got a big family,stress is an ever present thing
I go up North for a few days,my good side I bring.
I come back home feeling happy and content
My stress,my edginess,are totally spent.
It helps me deal with all that life tends to throw
When I get back home,I have a natural glow.
Something so simple,can have such an effect
Your feelings and emotions,gives you time to reflect.
Wake in the morning,wild forests and hills
Quite often I am stunned,still gives me chills.
Breathe the freshest air,take it all in
Not to enjoy this would really be a sin.
I've seen a few countries,I give them a test
I end up back home,as Scotland is the best.

Fast talkers.

i have spoke to many people from many cultures over the years,and one fact remains .Each person who is not Scottish thinks we speak very quickly. I didn't think so at first till I heard a recording of my voice. Then I realised that the Scots do speak very quickly. Our lingo also causes translation issues as well. These two facts combined I dare say make understanding our language a bit tricky. When two Scottish people chat in front of a different culture,we get funny looks as if we are speaking something other than English. It definitely is English we speak,just we do it a bit quicker.

The Twang.

the culture of the Scottish heritage and language goes back thousands of years. Our language has changed immesurably over the centuries. We adopted the English language quite early in our civilisations history,quite far back in our infancy pretty much. We just speak it a different way from all other English speaking cultures. The Irish language is probably the closest to our language you can get. When you hear Scottish people speaking and then Irish people speaking,there are a lot of similarities.The Irish does have a more defined style of speech.The Scottish speech is a bit more reserved you could say.

Scottish through and through.

a lot of people don't take their heritage seriously enough. I am a very passionate Scotsman,and I try to convey my heritage as often as I can,and with as much respect as I can.i celebrate proper Scottish holidays,pay homage to genuine Scottish heroes,I try to give out knowledge to other people when they ask about being a Scottish person. I try even to convey a bit of historical knowledge whenever I can,as a small country we have a lot to be proud of,and it should be told as often as possible. I tell my kids lots of stories of times gone by,as some times their schooling concentrates on other historical cultures and leaves ours feeling a bit neglected. History is important,it's important not to forget our forefathers who gave up vast amounts to get us where we are today.They fought battles to save our way of life,often at huge cost to themselves.

Fast as you can say.

Scottish people talk very fast

you wonder if their breath will last.

hundred miles per hour,we know our words

we understand each other,complicated words.

bit of a twang,hard to sort out

can be confusing,there is no doubt.

a beautiful cukture,and language to boot

reserved and private,a bit of a hoot.

Tell all you know.

being proud of who I am

a proud and happy Scottish man.

i love my country,I love it's heart

we are tough and bold

never to be apart

take no prisoners,

bullied by none

not be held hostage

at the end of a gun.

fight for our rights

over the years

no matter the aggressor

we've showed no fears.

The Union.

being part of a bigger colony so to speak has its advantages, being part of the UK brings up lots of arguments and issues. Lots of Scots believe we are better alone and independent, other think the Union has to be protected at all costs. Im of the opinion we could go it alone and survive. It's an opinion at the end of the day,a lot of people don't agree with me. That's the great thing about staying in a country that expressing your opinion doesn't get you killed. We as Scottish people are very lucky in that respect.there are a lot of places in the world where having an opinion can be detrimental to your very existence. That's why we are lucky as a culture,we are very diverse, in Scotland like England has a vast mix of cultures,that for the most of time get on ok. The way our country is habited just wouldn't work in the countries that don't take to well to foreign influences coming in to their country.These countries are very resistant to change in any form. Having lots of cultures in your midst is a way of bringing people together,you can learn about other cultures which personally I find fascinating.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Ericdierker

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I liked it and I like the sound of it on the other end of the phone.