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Updated on December 25, 2009




 you go on.


You’re like a flower~

Which never had sun. ~

Rain had not fallen~

To strengthen your roots~

Nor stems to bond. ~

Only caustic rain~

And one who covered you~

With painful shade.


Still you~

 Went on~

Still you~

 Go on.


You try so hard~

To eliminate~

A blighted past~

As you should. ~

But wrong~

To not loosen your buds~

To help you struggle.

Weathered with pride~

Often the flutter of fire.


You tormented~

 By the wind~

Aligned sullen~

 With the gentle breeze. ~


Those that love you~

If they had only seen~

Your potential growth~

Larger than a tree! ~

To their shock~


You shunned the sun~

With it’s nurturing rays.


You are crazed~

With the medicine~

You yourself alone~

Have picked! ~

Until you crumble~

Peddle by peddle~



Ultimately all fallen~

To the ground~

Shriveled roots~

To only be found.





You go on~


Self loathing~


Analyzing! ~

Swearing to flower next season~

With an alluring transformed bloom. ~

Yes! ~

We believe~

 You really do want to!


The sun~

From Heaven~

Shines yet again~

As you gene-a-size once more~


 To restore your lumbered bed. ~





To thrive righteous~


Fathom not wronged.


You essay so hard! ~

Tolerating the suns’ gaze~

To mature tall! ~

To profit respect~

From those you deem~

You recognize~

You love the best.


Nevertheless the struggle~

Repeatedly gnaws~

At your stamina! ~


In pelting rain~

Your focus fades. ~

It is not your fault~

Chemicals amiss~

In your genes~

Unsuspecting by you~

Off balancing~

 Your brain as this.



You go on~

Starting to flourish afresh~

With extraordinary gifts~

Rapid achievement~

Plainly having the quiver of flame~

Teething at your mind! ~


You indeed perceive~

 This cycle~

As what you are. ~

Subconsciously excepting this is common~

Amid the deeper leaves~

On the vine near~

 And far.



The frenzy is brisk~

More intense than before!


You try so hard~

To gain control! ~

Misplaced blame is only one~

Of your efficacious~

 Self protective weapons! ~


You in hope~

You look one way~

Than the other~

To suppress the fever~

Of manic rage~

The out of control~

Endless blaze!



 With quick gratification~

Allures you repeatedly~


 the beaten path.


Your maternal sun~

 In redemption~

For only shear pleasure~

And false fun! ~

Add in indiscretions~


And it is all done!


Presently frantic~


Conflicting personalities emerge! ~


Temptations so great~

Greater than you~

Greater than me~

 Lurk. ~


If only you took heed! ~

Let denial be abolished~

Being the sole hope to empower! ~


As a bright sun panacea~

You need immediately~

 To cope!



Now like~


A new patient~

 Soothing rain~

 Part of the pattern. ~

A stuffed toy~

 To hug as you sleep.

The gentlest of breezes~

Obliging tuff soil~

Once again~

Spreading thoroughly fertilizer~

For your eternal soul.



Oh! ~

Woe for now! ~


Denial takes the fore front~

As manic fires~

Again rage! ~


You believe your growth~

Is spurting! ~

While outrageous blossoms la-naide! ~

As self grandeur fixates~

To cover your distress! ~

Straying again~

To self prescription ~

Only to take it~

To be recurrently~

 On what you delude your best~

Really a loss~

Of freedom tolled~

When put to lifes test!






Or death dues are paid. ~

A ruin of honor tariff! ~

At the very least ~

The very most~

A destruction of trust~

Failed respect~

Finally privation of love~

The highest toll yet!



You do go on~

Imperceptive to collapse~


Wither once again.~


In turmoil~

With self-antipathy.


As the sun~

Reaches through the bars~

Yes tears you shed~

That seem to always dry~

You struggle even harder~

To simply strive~

To stay alive.




If only you would hear the angels~

Teaching you to be wiser~

Next time to take your medicine~

You’d be blessed~

Looking forward~

 to a future rhyme.



As you go on~

In the LORD is hope~

To treat your lack~

 Of understanding~

Not being a dope.



 nurturing gift~

Created by the hand of man~

Distributed out~

 With your willingness~

Alone to accept.

If only you could flourish yourself~

Permanently reseeded!



 See the potion~

Will convert you~

To vibrantly beautiful blooms~

For all to admire as due!


We pray! ~

Please! ~

Try to feel the angels wings~

Comfort you unconditionally!


We beg! ~

Negate Denial! ~

Please gather the greatness~

In thee~

As it will create~

The most stunning blossoms~

Ever seen!



For now~

You are like the rise~

That does not see the sun~

Lacking much needed nutrients~

Not allowing loves touch.



 You sit~

 With no rain~

Still some minor resilience.


You go on~

Through bars of shade~

Your pedals sadly~

Doth fade. ~


By your choice~


Forever tortured~



You go on





Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv



((Dedicated to a special friend in need, and for the people who care and the people who still need care.))









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    • Lisa Luv profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 

      7 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Thank You Cresentmoon2007 ---It was very much of a surprise to have you visit...Blessings...

    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image


      7 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      Truly enjoyed. Voted up.


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