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SEO Services and Behavioral Targeting

Updated on April 22, 2015

What Defines Behavioral Targeting?

To explain behavioral targeting "I" must also emphasize there is a fine line between effective behavioral research to establish targets and the breach of privacy. When done correctly and honestly, behavioral targeting by SEO services providers can be a very effective marketing tool.

Ideally, by definition, when a user or consumer visits a particular web site, certain information is collected. Initially the pages visited, followed by the amount of time spent on each page, the links clicked on each page, and the searches made are all data collected by a site to create a user profile that is linked to a visitor's web browser. Site publishers then use this data to create well defined audience segments based upon consumers that have similar profiles.

If a consumer returns to a specific site using the same web browser, their profile can be used to determine what online ads advertisers can position for their viewing. The ads exhibited are usually the ones that reflect a greater level of interest to the consumer as depicted in their user profile. Rather than random ads based on the context of a site, the publisher can charge a premium for the ads that properly target and generate more consumer interest.

Please note also that behavioral targeting can be used on its own or in conjunction with other forms of targeting based on factors like geography, demographics or contextual web page content.

Behavioral Targeting…More than Search Engine Optimization

SEO services and behavioral targeting is much more than optimization of the content on your website. It is also a method to define marketing leads by capturing, analyzing, and projecting the true needs of the consumer. There are several ways to utilize this lead capturing tool through behavioral targeting personalization. Let’s investigate just a few of those time tested and proven methods.

Behavioral Targeting…Website Optimization

SEO can be described as an online neon sign display, sometimes complete with sound and methods of interaction. With the addition of behavioral targeting we can also use it as a way to find out who our users or consumers are and what they want. One example is someone searching for information on “the Cost of Cloud technology”. That consumer has probably already decided they want to start using Cloud "technology" and are looking for information such as pricing, capabilities, special offers, and extra features.

On the other hand, someone searching for “Overview of Cloud Technology” is probably a consumer looking for general information and is more interested in a blog article than in a price listing page. If the content is compelling enough, they are more likely to become newsletter subscribers than actual buyers of services.

Behavioral Targeting…Improving Content

Content is the most important aspect of your website if you want users or consumers to continue to be regular visitors. At ever visit they should always find awesome, easy to read, and informative content.

Assuming that some other random site already has great content, how would you go about making sure your site is the premier stop for new and regular visitors? Most sites would include a subscription form on every page hoping the visitor will be interested enough to subscribe. Honestly, though at times it may be effective, it seems more like being “pushy” and would almost appear to be forcing the visitor to subscribe in order to make the most of their search. You could almost call it “evocative stalking”.

A more settle method that does not imply, “subscribe or else” is to employ a tool that uses behavioral targeting for offering a newsletter invitation just at the right and place. Not only does the user or visitor not feel forced, but they assume you have a grasp of what their needs truly are and exactly what they are thinking. This method is more likely to capture their interest enough to secure a subscription and many return visits to your site.

Behavioral Targeting…Constant Improvement

Behavioral targeting looks at what visitors are doing on a website and how they are doing it. It learns a visitors needs by taking into account the keywords in their searches to arrive on a particular site or landing page. Information and data in their profile becomes personalized giving the user the benefit of a productive search. Needless to say, someone who searches for “SAT testing” will get a different landing page than someone who searches for “college entrance requirements”.

As stated in the old cliché, "timing is everything”, particularly when a business website can predict the right content to present to each individual visitor. As in the previous example, knowing when to present a landing page with information on “SAT testing” rather than “college entrance requirements” is more apt to ensure the visitor will return. In addition, a visitor that feels their search results are “about them” is also more than likely to make your site their information authority.

The Result of Behavioral Targeting

There is no doubt that due to continual evolving technology, search engine search expectations are also continually increasing. There is so much more information to gather than there was even a year ago making it inconceivable that any consumer or user will accept a less personalized, less informative, and less social internet environment. Behavioral targeting allows the creation or more innovative and more relevant products and services geared more closely to the needs of the consumer. Needless to say, this is simply a byproduct of rewarding consumer experiences achieved through SEO services and behavioral targeting.


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