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Updated on May 9, 2012


Once upon a time, my life was brewing with love, happiness and joy. I dedicated it to a daughter of eve whom i loved desperately and with all my heart.

I was a young undergraduate studying in one of the Nigerian Universities to better my future. I did all a man of honor, repute and responsibility could do. I sacrificed my time, money and heart to my so-called beloved woman only to be hammered on the head with betrayal.

I am handsome for all the doubters, yes. I am strong, macho and tall. Talent and skill God showered on me. But these things sometimes never seem to be a motivator to a wayward soul.

Suddenly, a revelation occurred which left me dazed. I found out that my so-called beloved toiled with my heart, lied on my face and spat poison in my eyes with betrayal.

My sister found out the truth, started and concluded her own investigation without my knowledge. When she told me i became a thomas until i saw it with my two eyes. First, she lied about herself, age, family and even went on to insult my family. Thus she pierced my eyes with hot coals and my world crumbled like wet cookies and crashed like an earthquake-stricken skyscraper with nothing to cling on but debris.



Today, is the day of reckoning
The years of sweetness and joy gone
I can see your eyes radiating
Singing of many happy songs
I remember your voice, very sonorous
Even the dreams of a lifetime we shared
I remember the happy times we spent together
How i taught you and you taught me the ways of love
I wish i could take back the hands of time
And right all the wrongs

Now my eyes play with tears
Each moment i remember with horror
Yes, each time i remember your face of lies
My heart shed vengeful blood
As if pierced by an invincible sword
You weakened me with betrayal
How could you?
I loved you like a new born baby
I treasured you like an only son
I pampered you like a Princess
I protected you as a mother hen does to her chicks

Tell me please, what did i do wrong?
As i cry and mourn, my heart aches of your betrayal
A lost hope and love

You ve shamed me
How you parted your skirt for other men, blinds my guts
How you groaned and moaned under their touch
How you looked them in the eyes and pleaded for more
I know you kissed them, oh my god am dead
I, that is washed of handsomeness
Even my enemies adore me
I am the envy of my peers
Tall, handsome, loving and caring
Is intelligence not my mentor?
What really did you lack?
Or was it just to scorn me?

How sad and wicked of you
How heartless and evil
How pathetic and sorrowful
Oh! what everlasting pain you have inflicted on my soul

You are the daughter of sin
A calculated illusion of doom
You forgot all the promises we made Promises of chastity and faithfulness
As i sit and write with tears as my ink
I shudder in disbelief My hope dashed, my future erased
My heart shutdown cos love has no meaning
As my hands tremble out of shock
My eyes clouded with tears
My body aching for vengeance
I consider my life wasted
Because, i trusted in a false love.

Copyright - Ubani Alexander Thandi Chijioke. All rights reserved.


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