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Spirit to spirit - Heart to heart

Updated on August 20, 2013

It is called a relationship

The key to our heart to heart relationship with God is faith,

Faith unlocks every closed door, even our hearts

Prayer is the only lifeline and true path we have to the Father,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord

A heart to heart can’t be attained through a cell phone,

Nor can it be obtained via any social medium

There is no dropdown selection to choose from,

Communication with God through prayer is our only option

A decision only you and I can make for ourselves,

Our union with God supplies the newness we need

For each day in every way,

It is our only way to stay in fellowship Spirit to spirit

At the beginning of every day and the end of every night,

Having a talk with the Heavenly Father is a must

We are still and acknowledge that He is God,

Our heart to God’s heart

In and through everything we learn to give Him thanks,

On the mountaintop and through the valley

We sing, Hallelujah!

We worship Him in spirit and in truth,

Because He is seeking such to worship Him

As we do this the channels open for living waters to flow through,

Waters that wash, cleanse and purify us

Removing all that stains our lives as we yield and surrender,

We press into that secret place within us

Where God’s abiding presence patiently waits to refresh us,

When we come out from our secret time with Him

We come forth with freshness,

We allow what is stale to drop off

Christ is sheer radiance through us and

His countenance heals and helps us to shine,

God is painting a portrait of Christ through us

We in turn portray His image and likeness,

By the power of the Holy Spirit and His Word

We become the expression of Christ

His Heart beating through our heart.


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