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Updated on March 12, 2012


Spring is just around the Corner, and my Friends and Family, around this Great Country of ours are Dancing in the Streets. Gone are the Memories of the "Two Feet of Snow" that someone sent me, which I had saved...And I thought, I've got to Hub about that...but not until Spring...when it truly will get a Laugh. I'm not sure what State this picture came from, and I guess it really doesn't matter... but you can be sure it was one with lots of that Winter White Stuff...and someone's great imagination... It's got to make you smile, now that Winter is over.

Now you're probably saying, what does b. Malin know about Snow this year...She's been in Sunny Florida...soaking it up. Well I know that Snow is not my Friend...I got quite sick for over a month, 2 years ago...So It's Florida for me and my little Lungs during the winter. But Florida or Not, you can still feel Spring in the air...Everything seems to be Blooming more...So lots of POLLEN Blowing about...That is NOT one of the joys of Florida. In the North, I'm not bothered until late September or early October. All in Unison..."Aw"! Ok, I get it, No Sympathy for Me.

Of course for those of you who Following my Hubs, you know that I've been nursing a "Cold" for about 4 days...and today, Sunday, Lover Man announces..."He's got a Scratchy Throat"! So now it's Nurse, b. Malin to the Rescue! It's Fun playing Nurse with him...NOT! Men are the worst when THEY get Sick... I mixed up the Lemon and Water Drink, and Demanded that he DRINK it...Or I'd sit on his Chest and pour it down down his Throat...And wouldn't you know, he LOVED the idea! No, I didn't do it. Playing Nurse when he's WELL, now that's another story... We have to be well by Monday night, to go to our first Condo meeting at the "Condo with the View". We have to cast our "Ballot" for a New Director. Only 1 VOTE to a OWNER. We both are in agreement on whom we want to Elect. But we don't want to Contaminate anyone with our Germs, so even though the weather begs us to come out and play, we can't.

So now we are each sitting at our "Mac's" typing away...He's working on his next story...My Lover Man, could be the next "Hemingway"... I wish I could get him to become a Hubber, but he won't for now... And I can Respect that. And me, what am I doing? I'm thinking about Spring, a time of Rebirth, New Thoughts...New Life beginning out there, as the POLLEN floats about. I'm also thinking, how am I going to know when my Cold is over... and the Allergies kick in...I know I'm feeling pretty, pretty good now, and thinking what to wear when I dress up to Play Nurse...Lover Man recovers Pretty quick when he gets sick. Here's a little known fact, when we met, many years ago, it was a Halloween Dance, and all the Women were dressed like "French Maids" including yours truly...and he said, he saw my legs from across the room and came a running...We been together ever since. Ok, Ok, so on with this Hub.

So Spring in Florida is just around the corner... I can feel it in the air...and as I give a Sneeze or two...Ah-choo, Ah-choo...I realize my Cold has lifted... and I find myself Smiling for a moment, Until I realize my Allergy... has just kicked in!


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