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Updated on June 4, 2017

--“Surely” is a play on words for the name of my fictitious queen of Assurance- Shirley. This was written several years ago, but it still holds true in my life today. To me this poem is about Confidence. About knowing that I CAN. Knowing that if I set my mind to something, it’s a Certainty. I’m still looking for this Girl, and this Feeling, with whom “all things are possible in her embrace.” Until I find her, I'll continue to search for this "Surely"!


Heads turn when Surely passes by

Who wouldn’t want to be the one?

I believe myself more just being near

I know with Surely I would always win

Hand-in-hand life would be clear

I’ve never really been alone

Always accompanied by Shame and Doubt

But they disappear when Surely smiles

Today I’ve come to understand

Just what I need to be a man

With Surely I would do far more

Than with even sweet “I Think I Can”

I had her once but only for a bit

I saw a different world inside her eyes

All things were possible in her embrace.

So it cut deep to watch her slip away-

Now she’s the one thing that I lack,

But if I hold on to her sister Faith

I believe I can bring Surely back

Surely doesn’t think but rather knows

She will never Try what she can Do

Things simply Are- not what they Seem

With Surely I know that I will do

What otherwise would be a dream

Surely does as Surely is

Her confidence can’t help but spread

To feel her touch again is my desire

I have no doubt she wants me too.

This is true when that is so:

That I’ll trade every hopeful ‘Yes’

To feel just one sweet Surely ‘Know’


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