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Sad Story

Updated on March 6, 2013
Find a light in your heart
Hold on to it tight
If you are really smart
It won't take all your might

Let love in your soul
Its hard to open I know
You could feel whole
Let that light glow

Don't walk away from truth
You might miss it all
Enjoy the blossom of youth
It won't take long to fall

Give me back my gift
Please don't leave me
Already there is a rift
I know I'll never be

I let you go and walk away
Its just another page to turn
Tomorrow is a brand new day
Eventually it will cease to burn


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    • Ashamalie profile image

      Ashley 4 years ago from Roosevelt Utah

      Thanks, I am glad!

    • samikan profile image

      samikan 4 years ago from online

      nice poetry.....enjoyed it

    • Ashamalie profile image

      Ashley 4 years ago from Roosevelt Utah

      Thank you so much for the support. It helped immensely to get these feelings out.

    • Simba73 profile image

      Simba73 4 years ago from UK

      This is wonderful, so much pain but acceptance of fate

      Awesome and a powerful ending !!

      Look forward to reading more of your writes


    • DrJez profile image

      DrJez 4 years ago from Narara NSW Australia

      Very well written. My personal motto is actually Tomorrow is another day, so I related to this!

    • coleikerd profile image

      Cole Ikerd 4 years ago

      Once again, beautiful work. SHARE