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Sadly, Coronavirus Is Killing More Than Mere Humans.

Updated on April 27, 2020
Mr Archer profile image

I have no words, but here they are anyway for your perusal. Enjoy (or not)..

For those of you who might need help...
For those of you who might need help... | Source

Daily I read, so I read daily...

Every morning I walk out to the curb and pick up my daily newspaper (well, actually I walk downstairs and pick up my tablet and walk into the bathroom for my morning constitutional) and see what the headlines are this morning. I know they will, in some manner, have something to do with the current pandemic. I might see that someone has hoarded supplies and making money; I might see that the virus is slacking in some country, rising in another. I might see that people are ignoring the stay at home order and partying, or I might see that some celebrity is doing their dead level best to identify with us common folk by posting how hard it is to be stuck in a twenty bedroom mansion and only be waited on by half their staff because some of them are ill and cannot get their mint juleps. You, know, normal stuff.

Well, today's first headline which caught my eye was a doozy. "There is no evidence coronavirus survivors can't be reinfected" was the title; of course, I had to read this one. And the comments. Of course.

The body of the article is short, only a few sentences and paragraphs long. It doesn't really say much other than if someone tests positive they cannot rule out testing positive at some point later and be shown to get this virus again. Different levels of antibodies appear in different people so some may be susceptible to being reinfected at some later point. Okay, I get it. It is like a cold or flu! It changes, mutates, and reinfects you.

But the comments. They tell that WHO (World Health Organization) is something less than an honorable group, that they have lost cred, any number of things which people who are frustrated by the restrictions and misinformation would say.

And, then there was this little jewel:

"First, we hear alcohol may prevent the research suggests the opposite. Then we're told heat and humidity has no effect, but sunlight might quickly kill the virus. So, if you come across some old guy, laying out in the yard, intoxicated and naked, leave me alone...I'm conducting important medical research."

I laughed. Oh, how I laughed at that comment! John B., thank you for that laugh! I really needed it!!

Now, to me the joke was apparent, plain to see. He gets drunk, takes off his cloths and passes out in the yard. And he tells us "he's conducting important medical research" because he has imbibed alcohol and is naked in the sun. Funny, really funny to me. But not everyone has my sense of humor, it appears. Some of the comments to his comment are, well, less than humorous.

cupcake says "when did you ever hear that alcohol prevented it that's total baloney. smh"

Donald says "Sorry, but there is a significant difference between sunlight and heat and humidity. Sunlight has ultraviolet radiation which is ALWAYS lethal to pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Nothing changed in regards to that; you merely conflated the two. Alcohol does kill the virus, but excessive amounts of alcohol also lowers your immunity level by taxing the function of your liver. Also, you could never get enough alcohol into the bloodstream to kill the systemic viruses throughout your body. The high proof alcohol would have to make direct contact with the viruses in order to render them inert. Again, this is just you misunderstanding things, just as most people do. That's why a little knowledge is sometimes a dangerous thing."

Whew! Donald, IT WAS A JOKE!!!! And the fact that you have this knowledge and choose to apply it to a joke forces me to the conclusion that your "little knowledge" is in fact a dangerous thing...for you!

Donald, I think you need a drink.

Speaking of drinking: Donald, can you see that this is funny?

Some people got it, like I did. One person asks if he could get a six pack and lay down in the yard near him, but maintain a six foot safety cushion as per directions. Another shared the ROTFLMAO gif showing a baby sitting up laughing then falling over on his side. Another suggested that he put a warning flag on a short flagpole which is lying on its side. Think about it...

But still some people have either no sense of humor, are too literal, or have lost their sense of humor due to the coronavirus pandemic, had it outright killed off. Like dino here,

"Where did you hear alcohol might prevent the virus? No credible source I presume. What you most certainly heard is that sufficiently strong alcohol -70% or more - can kill the virus on surfaces."

dino, I can assure you, he is speaking of much more than 70%, like maybe 180 proof white lightening!

Shadow responded with "You can't kill a virus as viruses are not alive." Huh?

And poor Todd. He said "Alcohol prevent the virus, what? Drinking booze will prevent you from getting it? Who the hell told you that?" and he goes on from there into a rant of epic proportions. Poor Todd, his sense of humor left with his common sense I believe. Or maybe his wife...

I'll bet Todd doesn't find this the least bit funny

I leave you with Eric. His response was priceless.

"It's a new virus John. They are still trying to figure it out."

Oh God! The seemingly serious responses to John's joke are almost as funny as his joke!! What happened people? When did we forget how to laugh? Did this damn virus take our freedom, our health, our ability to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (humor) too? Laugh! Don't try to make everything so damn serious! Sometimes, a laugh is good for the soul; remember that. And with what is going on we need to remember to find humor where we can so long as it is not at another person's expense. Laugh, people; it might help!

In the words of one of my favorite people ever, Tigger (T-I-double guh-er himself), TTFN! (I'll leave you with no sense of humor to google that one!)


I'm sorry, but I'm back to add this...

I want to help you laugh, so either laugh at my attempt to write a song, or laugh at the content; doesn't matter either way. I will add the video to the original song below so start playing it and read my words (or sing them) and just let go for a few minutes!!

Oh, I think I saw someone, saw someone

Coughing in their arm, do they got Corona?

Oh I think I better run, I better run

Get as far away as I can Corona!

People gonna cough, gonna cough, spread this virus all

Around, spread it far, spread it wide, sharing air around

Hey hey hey, we got it!

Ma ma ma My Corona!

Prez is on the tube again, he’s on the tube

Saying it’s just a matter of time Corona

Doc’s they gonna follow him , they follow him

Say we got another wave near Corona

People gonna cough, gonna cough, spread this virus all

Around, spread it far, spread it wide, sharing air around

Hey hey hey, we got it!

Ma ma ma My Corona!

Ma ma ma My Corona!

Here I am safe in my home, in my home

Lookin’ out the window hey where’s Corona?

I can’t see it anywhere, not anywhere

Is it just a game in my mind Corona?

People gonna cough, gonna cough, spread this virus all

Around, spread it far, spread it wide, sharing air around

Hey hey hey, we got it!

Ma ma ma My Corona!

Ma ma ma My Corona!

Ma ma ma My Corona!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mr Archer


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