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Safe Mode - A Poem

Updated on May 23, 2013

Typing along, and

Halfway through an important file,

The computer freezes

As if touched by Jack Frost.

Wiggle the mouse, Ctrl-Alt-Delete,

All efforts in vain to save the work.

The power button held down

Goes dimmer, then dead.

A sigh escapes, unbidden

Staring at the now-black screen.

A moment or two waiting

And then the session starts anew.

"Windows did not shut down properly"

"You don't say," a snide comeback,

But just to be sure, safe mode

Is chosen and a virus scan run.

The scan can take hours,

And that's in regular mode.

But this mode is safe, so

It takes longer to run.

Waiting and watching the text slip by

As each file is checked for

What caused your computer

To crash and freeze and die.

Find the cause and

Eliminate the threat.

A simple restart and

The dead live again.


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