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Salvation and Mercy

Updated on August 12, 2010

Salvation is at hand


Lying here so high I think

I'm ready to die

So soften the pillow

to my dreams

Sitting here silent swirling

within the 5th dimensions

of my mind

Monster of glory

Angel of death

Lying there I was dying

Standing straight

Falling crooked

I need a hand

Gate of hell let me go

I'm far gone, but reaching out

Your love has begun to lift me

Voices screaming in the dark

They're gone now they ran away

Searching still I see your light

Your gentle touch reached

out to shake my hand

Pulling me into reality

This daze has lifted

with your blood that saved me

Shifting my soul

with peacefulness

This box has been opened

and in it Jesus set me free

Grace and mercy

Lying there I was dying


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