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Same moon

Updated on July 20, 2014

I met this good friend of mine couple of years back and ever since we became friends, we have always tried to watch each other's back then few days back, i had a situation and had to leave my friend for some time.

You see, i never knew the amount of emotion attached to our friendship but she showed me that she is more than a friend, she prayed for me and prayed for my son, she felt it was hers, she proved that Ivory is truly the cream of life.

I have always known that she is a nice person and what makes her unique is that i can see her from afar, she is a natural beauty, one that proves that black is beautiful, she shines like the morning light and twinkles like the shining star

She is original and naturally endowed with all the qualities of a princess, she is royal and original, one easily mistaken for a missing Angel from above that is why each time i pray, i ask him not to come for her now because she has a lot to do for us here, she has not yet done her work

You are the morning star

You shine like the stars above

And you are the true Ivory

The texture of your skin is beautiful

You don't need make up to showcase it

I can see it clearly baby

Your beauty is natural

She held my hand when i wanted to check in and asked me to do a poem for her, a poem i have not done before, she wanted it straight from my heart so i looked at her eyes and saw purity then it came to me and this is what i did...

Girl you shine like the stars above

I know that you really wish to fly with me

I know what my present situation means to you

I know how hurt you felt at this whole dilemma

And i can swear that you are deeply touched

I know that you will miss me when i am away

But believe me i will always be there with you

Don't miss me during this short period

You will miss your usual morning poem

But i will be singing in my heart for you

Don't miss me if you don't hear my voice

But even if you ever miss me

Come out and watch the moon

Because i will be watching same moon

Ivory you have a beautiful heart

And your our black is beautiful


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