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Satiating Super Fish Food Varieties

Updated on August 5, 2023
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I hold B A Hon. Degree in History/computer. Writing is a way for me to relax and release tension. I express my feelings in songs or poetry.

Tinned Sardines



Okrika is an Island surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated in the creeks of the Niger Delta. Traditionally, the Okrikans or the Wakirike people depend on fishing as a lucrative business. Men and women, boys and girls take to fishing to put food on the table.

Without fish, the Okrika people will not eat and then, starve to death. Fish food is their principal meal. All foodstuffs like fruits and vegetables, root crops like yams, potatoes, cassava, and cereals such as beans, rice, and corn are secondary.

Meat, chicken, and other dairy products are treated in the same way as fruits and vegetables, cereals, and legumes.

The people, therefore, take to eating fish food which is most satiating.

This may not be peculiar to the Okrika people. There are other communities and nations of the world that may fall within the limelight. Japan, especially, eats lots of fish and experiences longevity.

African Mullet Fish

Japan, especially, eat lots of fish and experiences longevity.
Japan, especially, eat lots of fish and experiences longevity. | Source

Fish is Good for Heart Health

'Fish can form part of a nutritious diet and is a good source of vitamins and minerals, oily fish is rich in omega -3 fatty acids, which may benefit heart health'.-Wikipedia.

Eat Variety of Fish Daily

Dr. Benjamin S. Franklyn is one of the best medical doctors and medical scientists who recognized the importance of fish food, particularly 'sardines' or 'tinned sardines' for restoring health to the heart. He has achieved much in treating heart-related disease with fish foods, more than any other medical practitioner.

His Book, 'The non-Aging Diet' says it all. He recommends besides sardines, that a person eat a variety of fish food daily, seven days a week for over six weeks to see sound results. But sardines and mullets should be eaten four times a week, for the first four days.

All oily fishes contain serious amounts or traces of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Dare to eat fish regularly and keep your heart in good condition.

Fish also contain mineral elements and lots of vitamins A, E, and D according to Wikipedia, 'seafood (fish food) is consumed all over the world; it provides the world’s prime source of high-quality protein'.

Fresh Tilapia Fish

Fish contain mineral elements and lots of vitamin A, D, and E.
Fish contain mineral elements and lots of vitamin A, D, and E. | Source

Preparing Fresh Sardine

The Poem

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Fish Food

Fish is food.

Fish is satiating food.

It is a satiating protein food.

Though milk, meat, and egg

Builds the body,

Fish nourish the body more.

Fish Food Tropical

The body likes to eat fish,

As fish is satiating.

Fish food tropical

Fish is good.

It nourishes the body and

Builds the muscles.

Eat Sardines

Eat sardine today

Eat fish every day.

A sardine today.

Delay degenerative diseases.

Eat a Variety of Fish

Eat sardines, mullets, tilapia, catfish, shrimps,

Tuna, eel skippers, ray, cod, and mackerel.

Each day, eat a sardine

And eat a differing

piece of fish food.

Against Degenerative Disease

Omega-3, and -6

From sardines, and mullets,

And other fish food,

Promotes heart health, and

nourish the body.

Eat a sardine today,

and every day.

Fish food that satiates,

Nourishes the body, builds muscles,

and delays aging.


Catfish and Shark,

Are anti-cancer.

Is healthy and medicinal,

Eat fresh fish from the sea.

Stale fish breeds disease and ill health,

And accelerate degenerative diseases.

Eat freshly dried catfish, sharks, rays, cods, and others.

Eat freshly dried sardines and mullets.

Eat freshly dried shrimp.

High Health and Energy

Fish food superfood

Highest energy value in a diet,

Tiny mullets, tilapia,

sardines, herring, mackerel,

Builds the bones, and

wards off osteoporosis.

The bones remain strong.

Healthy into old age.


In comparison with:

Beef, egg, milk, cheese,

Peas, bread, biscuits, soya,

Honey, seeds, and nuts,

Fish chops

Has high energy value.

In comparison with pork chop,

Scramble eggs,

And milk or chocolate bar.

Soya, quinoa, fruits, and veggies,

Fish food is higher than all!

Fish is more satiating

And raise the metabolic rate.

A Plate of Fish Chop

A plate of fish chop

nourish body and mind

with omega -3 and -6 fatty acids

that accelerates heart health,

and delays aging.

A plate of fish chop,

for koi,

As tuna salad,

Satiates more than

Bean salad and,

Garden salad.

Vegetarianism or Veganism

Vegetarians, or vegans

Detested meat, cheese, eggs,

And miss B­12 and iron.

Vegans disliked pork chops,

Goat meat, mutton, and lard.

All animal products, milk products, gelatin, honey

But certain vegetarian and vegan include fish!

Iron and B12 stream into the bloodstream.

And avoid heart diseases. ­

Yes to fish chop!

And iron and B12 in the fish stream into the bloodstream.

Adding higher quality vitamins A, E, and D.

And delivering longevity.

Eat Fish Today And Every Day

Love fish?

Fish: Fish is healthy.

Eat a pound of sardine today.

Eat sardine tomorrow,

Tinned, fresh, or dried.

Enjoy sardine the next day.

On the fourth day, eat sardines again with mullet.

Eat your favorite fish the days following,

And, make sardines your main fish chop in the circle.

Degenerative diseases will be strongly delayed,

And prevent.

A Fisherman

I am hauling certain fish out of the water.
I am hauling certain fish out of the water. | Source

Tilapia Fresh from the Sea

Fish food tropical.
Fish food tropical. | Source


Experience has shown that fishermen who eat fish regularly are strong and sturdy. You may not be a fisherman, but fresh fishes catch in the rivers and creeks are available for purchase. You can get your purchases from these or tinned fish foods, and dried fish.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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