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Savage Dragon: Dragon War Book Review

Updated on October 27, 2011

Savage Dragon Dragon War

Savage Dragon Dragon War is the most recent collected edition of comic books which collects issues 157 - 162 and this is a cracking collected graphic novel which sees the Dragon seemingly being killed by the original Savage Dragon who calls himself Emperor Kurr which came from another dimension (A bit complicated I know...It's best to start from the very beginning with the archive collection of Savage Dragons)

Erik Larsens art is still top notch after all these years and to stop things getting boring for him he likes to mix up his stories with with almost Jack Kirby esque inspired stories and characters, originally a super hero comic book which debuted back in the early 1990's, Savage Dragon has continually surprised in it's use of shock story twists and graphic violence aswell as the occasional bit of suggested nudity.

The best bits of this book is the relationship that Dragon had with his son Malcolm and his adopted daughter Angel as they soon realise that their dad has really died and this new Dragon has took his place and this Dragon is a villain as he is seen throughout this book collecting all the blood that Overlord and his Circle used to transform some of their gang members into Dragon clones.

The action in the comic book is best when Larsen draws his panels with energy and the characters leap out of the panels, in fact this is one element of Larsens art which makes the series worth buying and reading. Erik also experiments with his comic artwork at times, especially his inking which is great to know as an artist myself, you can see where he starts to discover brushes and do simple line art which is done for some of the characters in a cartoon style which works very well for developing characters.

I've been following this comic for years now and have missed some of the issues and so these collected editions have really brought back a sense of fun and you can read 5 issues all in one which is always a good thing especially reading the Savage Dragon. You can view all of the individual issue covers at the end which is nice to see the cover art for each issue as the cover tells a story on it's own and is an art in itself.

Savage Dragon - Dragon War Graphic Novel

Savage Dragon Dragon War it's all out war as Dragon fights other dragons and things generally don't end well for the Dragon.....A great read!
Savage Dragon Dragon War it's all out war as Dragon fights other dragons and things generally don't end well for the Dragon.....A great read! | Source

Savage Dragon: Dragon War Graphic Novel

Savage Dragon

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      pee worthy you are my friend


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      I'll battle you green man

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